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HMS Campanula was fictionalised as HMS Compass Rose in The Cruel Sea, by Monsarrat, who was born and raised in Rodney Street.
Upright, such as Canterbury bells, Campanula medium, which grow up to 1.
He said: "My father was the first commander of HMS Campanula after she was commissioned and the first person to bring a Flower Class Corvette into the Albert Dock in September 1940.
Nicholas Monsarrat was based at Canning Dock as an officer aboard HMS Campanula.
Monsarrat, who was born in Rodney Street, served as an officer on corvette HMS Campanula when she was based at Albert Dock for convoy protection.
uk and you will receive six Campanula Glomerata Superba worth pounds 6.
Liverpool-born Nicholas Monsarrat, author of best-selling 1951 novel The Cruel Sea, served as a young Lieutenant in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve on the Liverpool-based corvette HMS Campanula.
WHITE arabis, pink and mauve phlox, purple and wine-coloured aubretia, golden alyssum and blue dwarf campanula will be a blaze of colour at this time of year.
Varieties of campanula, eritrichium (alpine forget-me-not), gentiana, pulsatilla, saxifraga and ranunculus were content to grow in bare limestone clefts.
Alex, Worcester DAVID: Campanula portenschlagiana, known as the wall bellflower, come as annuals, herbaceous or evergreen perennials.
QI'VE got a rather special campanula and want to make more but it's impossible to split it.
CAROL QI'VE got a rather special campanula and want to make more but it's impossible to split it.
One of the most useful even in a small garden is the giant Campanula lactiflora.
The campanula patula - more commonly known as the spreading bellflower - is said to be disappearing rapidly from Wales, with a recent study uncovering the presence of just a handful of surviving plants.