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Synonyms for campaign

Synonyms for campaign

an organized effort to accomplish a purpose

Synonyms for campaign

a race between candidates for elective office

several related operations aimed at achieving a particular goal (usually within geographical and temporal constraints)

an overland journey by hunters (especially in Africa)

run, stand, or compete for an office or a position

exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person

go on a campaign

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Several pro-EU campaigners say the need for a second referendum has become more pressing because public opinion is showing some signs of turning against Brexit as the difficulty of negotiations to leave the bloc becomes increasingly clear.
Fellow campaigner and former Glynn Vivian Art Gallery curator, Robin Paisey, added: "We want to continue to be proud of our universities achievements but we're bitterly disappointed at the sheer folly of closing this up-and-running, profitable, internationally recognised gallery.
Stewards tried to keep the pro-choice campaigners away as the marchers made their way down New Street.
To get a referendum the campaigners need to gather more than 24,000 signatures - 10% of the city's electorate.
Ms Patel wrote: "The lady who works in the Witham Conservative Association office felt harassed, frightened and intimated when a thuggish gang of People's NHS campaigners came to our office.
Campaigners against test drilling for underground gas on farmland at Borras, Wrexham, were evicted from a protest camp there.
Tributes also came from the former Czech ambassador to London, who Hetty sheltered as a refugee child, and from campaigner Gill Hicks, who lost her legs in the 7/7 bombings.
PRIME Minister Narendra Modi, who is currently in the US, is likely to be the star campaigner for the BJP in Haryana and Maharashtra as they head for polls on October 15.
Campaigner Gary Scott said: "We're building a legal case as in our opinion, the NHS hasn't followed its own rules in this process.
The campaigners hoped that the criminal complaint would initiate investigations by the Federal Prosecutor General against the German government.
Members met at the Marine Hotel, Saltburn, where campaigner mumof-three Annette Hudspeth, 54, unveiled a banner supporting Balcombe.
Two more campaigners have been arrested during protests by anti-fracking campaigners staging direct action at a village in West Sussex where 16 environmentalists were arrested yesterday.
Campaigners (pictured yesterday) were backed by a petition of 6,700 signatures - one of the biggest the council has ever received.
Summary: Animal welfare campaigners have criticised two pilot schemes to cull badgers, which have been given the go-ahead by the Government.
Karachi/Peshawar -- Five anti-polio campaigners, four of them women, were gunned down in Karachi in an hour in two separate incidents on Tuesday while two campaigners were hurt in Peshawar.