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a broad-brimmed felt hat with a high crown

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Below the shaped crown of his felt campaign hat is a black eagle, globe, and anchor insignia.
Staff Sergeant Welch, brim of his brown felt campaign hat touching the front of Huber's utility cover, asks, "Are you rebelling against us, Huber?
The war on terrorism may be keeping some sergeants from pursuing the coveted "brown round" drill sergeant campaign hat, but for others the war has created a new opportunity to make a difference and be a part of training the future force.
Basking in the cheers of thousands of supporters wearing his red campaign hats, the president hailed his decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports and his tough stance on trade deals, appealing to the region's manufacturing base.
Much of the campaign spending is for merchandise, including campaign hats (the spring edition of the hat is blue), T-shirts and mugs.
At graduation, the MSP unveiled its new campaign hats, which all active enforcement members will wear throughout 2017 as another way to commemorate 100 years of service.
The candidate who vowed to bring back jobs to the United States had his clothing line and campaign hats manufactured in foreign countries.
Several photographs surfaced after the sentence, allegedly showing the judge taking part in the 30 June protests while standing with friends wearing Tamarod campaign hats. The 30 June protests were partially responsible for ousting Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi.
The boys-only rule is long gone - as are the campaign hats - but the principles are still the same.
Armed with revolvers and sabers and sporting campaign hats, the Army ended the Great War in metal helmets and gas masks, and armed with machine guns, rapid firing artillery, combat aircraft, and armored vehicles.
The presidential election campaign of 1840 was something new in American life, engaging as it did in the use of slogans, parades, campaign hats, and mud-slinging.
presidential candidate Donald Trump's red campaign hats while on duty.
Notable during the salute are the dangerous-looking knife in the belt of the dark-trousered lad in the frS ont row - not allowed these days - and the campaign hats with their four-cornered 'Montana creases', now no longer essential wear for the scout about town.
A husband and wife team of former Air Force military training instructors donned their iconic MTI campaign hats once again to give some new Air Force Reserve recruits a taste of what to expect at basic military training.
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