campaign for governor

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a race for election to the governorship

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Longtime Democratic media man Hector Nieto, a former state party spokesman and state director of Obama for America during the president's 2012 re-election campaign, has been serving informally as spokesman for the would-be Davis campaign for governor.
When he saw his campaign for governor not progressing the way he expected, what did he do?
In addition, several others are exploring a campaign for governor or are declared candidates.
LANCASTER - Lancaster resident and political pollster Louis DiNatale has been reprimanded by the state Ethics Commission on the grounds he violated conflict of interest laws by working as a private pollster for Christy Mihos' campaign for governor while employed by and conducting political polls for the University of Massachusetts-Lowell campus.
Committee chairs and vice-chairs have been asked to build upon issues-based proposals that Blagojevich presented during his campaign for governor.
May 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Tom Horner today launched his campaign for governor of Minnesota, saying that his more than three decades in Minnesota business, community service and public policy make him uniquely qualified.
Two of the segments could be seen as embarrassing for Schwarzenegger given allegations, raised late in his campaign for governor, that he had groped women in the past.
Davis, who is expected to announce her campaign for governor on Thursday, leads Abbott 36 percent to 10 percent among black voters and 22 percent to 18 percent among Hispanic voters in the poll.
Out of reverent respect for union members and their families, I waited until Labor Day to launch my campaign for Governor of California.
The figures come from the first disclosure made by Davis' main fundraising vehicle, her official campaign for governor.
SALEM - Pete Sorenson made his campaign for governor official Monday, filing his candidacy papers 11 months after he declared his intention to seek Oregon's highest office.
18 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Scott Lee Cohen Independent Campaign for Governor is set to host a major job fair in Chicago.
He acknowledged the similarities between his campaign for governor that earned him a landslide victory with a hopeful campaign message in 2006 that called on people to set aside their political cynicism in the name of progress and get involved with politics.
At this point, I can make the greatest difference not by entering a campaign for governor, but by launching a campaign to change the American health care system, and by offering people the opportunity to engage around an idea, not just a candidate," he said.
She said she gave up her job as a coordinator for the Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lending to campaign for governor.
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