campaign for governor

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a race for election to the governorship

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I was assigned to the executive committee, which consisted of nearly two dozen men and two women--myself and a Seacoast resident named, Catherine O'Brien (who went on to become a legislator and my seatmate in the General Court and, in 1992, took on the tide of press secretary for my campaign for governor).
The top of the ticket Democratic challenger Chris Bell ran a traditional high-dollar campaign for Governor by relying heavily on direct mail and television advertising.
Skot Covert, born at Clarksville and raised in Ozark, missed so many days of high school as a volunteer in Asa Hutchinson's 2006 campaign for governor that his parents were threatened with prosecution for his truancy.
Close to the border with Massachusetts, Obama spoke of Romney's campaign for governor there.
McDonnell's effort to streamline the state's restoration process began with his campaign for governor. Once in office, he unsuccessfully attempted to pass legislation that would have amended Virginia's constitution to automatically restore voting rights to nonviolent offenders who completed their sentence--prompting him to take administrative action instead.
Senator Hank Brown, Strickland's running mate in his campaign for governor in 1986.
Candidate Without a Prayer tells Silverman's life story, from his Orthodox Jewish boyhood through the study of mathematics and his eventual campaign for governor of South Carolina, a campaign he never expected to win.
Prior to that she was director of Communications for Andrew Cuomo's successful campaign for Governor of New York in 2010 and press secretary and deputy director of communications for the state of New York under Governor David A.
In his campaign for governor last year, John Kitzhaber proposed what sounded like a perpetual-motion machine: The state would sell bonds to finance energy efficiency projects in public schools, and the savings from reduced fuel and electricity costs would pay off the debt.
In addition to being important for Democrats in congressional races and the campaign for governor this year, Ohio will be a crucial swing state for Obama when he runs for re-election in 2012.
Byme resigned in May to start a Republican campaign for governor.
Moran, elected to the House of Delegates in 1996, announced his resignation Friday to focus on his campaign for governor of Virginia.
Louis Post-Dispatch and Kansas City Star have joined Jay Nixon's campaign for governor."
In his previous campaign for governor, Democratic opponent Kathleen Blanco criticized his performance as UL system president because of the fiscal problems that almost cost Grambling State University its accreditation.
Jim Nussle (R) decided to stage a campaign for governor, which was ultimately unsuccessful.
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