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Synonyms for campaign

Synonyms for campaign

an organized effort to accomplish a purpose

Synonyms for campaign

a race between candidates for elective office

several related operations aimed at achieving a particular goal (usually within geographical and temporal constraints)

an overland journey by hunters (especially in Africa)

run, stand, or compete for an office or a position

exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person

go on a campaign

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These abuses spurred legislation in 1974 limiting individuals' campaign contributions to $1,000, and setting up new spending limits and a system of federal matching funds for Presidential candidates.
As Campaign 2000 gears up, electioneering and fundraising events targeted at the gay and lesbian community are headlining campaign schedules.
The CC executive director called Bush campaign officials frequently to advise them of the Coalition's efforts to issue millions of voter guides in advance of the election and to offer advice.
He said the first question [political consultants] ask you when you're planning a campaign is `Do you have a million dollars?
In addition, both the police department's and the fire department's 5-year plans, which were submitted to the city council in May 1995, established the need for the millage campaign.
The campaign will support four critical areas: $450 million for research and care; $100 million for technology; $150 million for construction of a new state-of-the-art out-patient facility, the Center for Cancer Care; and $300 million for the Jimmy Fund and unrestricted funds, which will support the most pressing needs and promising developments at Dana-Farber.
The FPPC said Runner's campaign also violated state election law by not listing on campaign reports the occupations and employers of five small contributors -- including Santa Clarita Councilman Cameron Smyth -- who donated a total of $2,175, and by putting contributions into a campaign bank account originally established for Runner's Assembly campaigns, rather than creating a new one for his Senate campaign.
Despite the marked increase in hard money contributions and the BCRA ban on party soft money, soft money still found its way back into the political system mainly through "527" organizations, political committees organized under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code but not always regulated under federal election rules to limit the source and size of campaign contributions.
As the DSCC's recommended pollster, he advised congressional Democrats to ignore national security and Iraq in favor of an endless campaign about prescription drugs and education.
One of the things we had to do to be successful was to facilitate a shift in grower mindset--away from traditional commodity production to a recognition that they now engaged on a much different level with end-users than ever before," offers Dan Muys, director of public relations at Adculture and chief strategist behind CSCO's publicity campaign.
SKC and Environics set the following campaign objectives:
The 2002 elections were the second in which the Clean Elections Campaign was involved.
The campaign centers on a full-page advertisement depicting magazine recycling via the familiar curbside collection programs that residents are already used to.
Although we don't yet have official figures on expenditures from the final three weeks before the election, campaign spending from the start of 2006 through October 21 turns out to have been a surefire predictor of which candidates and propositions ultimately came out on top.
Steele is hardly alone in his professed outrage at aggressive campaign tactics.
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