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religious (usually evangelistic) meeting held in a large tent or outdoors and lasting several days

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About 1,500 church members, drawn from four churches in the Kumasi Metropolis, participated in the six-day camp meeting programme, during which 20 new converts were baptised.
Ocean Grove, an unincorporated community in Neptune Township, was founded by Methodists in 1869 as a permanent camp meeting location.
The mission of the Camp Meeting is to "bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to enjoy Christian fellowship and family reunions," says church member Carlotta Edwards.
"In New Jersey, the Oak Grove Camp Meeting Association was sued when they declined to avail their property for the purpose of a same sex 'wedding,' " the pro-family group recalled.
"They have not been properly maintained thus far and so in Macedonia there is, in fact, no legal autocamp or a camp meeting standards," Gruevski said.
The advent of these early American religious camps--primarily Christian and denominationally affiliated--was heavily influenced by two definitive religious movements: the camp meeting and the religious conference.
The camp meeting phenomenon is best traced to a June 1801 Presbyterian sacramental meeting at Red River church in Kentucky.
Saddlebag preachers thundered forth and Canada's first Camp Meeting was held here in 1805.
CAMP Meeting Sunday in the sleepy little village of Great Ayton, tucked away in a corner of North Yorkshire, was always a big, important day in the Methodist calendar, writes Bill Kirby, 87, who lives in the village.
"Camp meeting: Camp meeting will commence at the campground near Goshen next Thursday.
During a Christian summer camp meeting, he felt an overwhelming tug to go forwards and surrender his life 'to a God who loved me so much'.
The narrator's uncritical adherence to the dictates of classical form motivates him to lift certain "themes and melodies" from the participatory time of the camp meeting and transpose them into a form that mutes the rhythmic exchanges that give them their significance.
The frontier camp meeting from its beginnings in Kentucky in 1800 was known for its simple song, generated in the emotional fervor of these annual revivals.
The results mean Barca's lead at the top of the Primer a Liga is cut to four points and sets up the Nou Camp meeting between the two sides perfectly.
Zion Spiritual Singers for an authentic old time Camp Meeting at the Leadership Summit in Charleston, S.C., next month.