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a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for payment

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a follower who is not a member of an ingroup

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It is hard to think of General Nathanael Greene, one of Washington's most brilliant fighters who also served as quartermaster general from 1778 to 1780, as a camp follower.
We might have wondered why Silent Witness's perennial camp follower Cape Of Good Hope has been left to carry the standard of his form around the planet, or just why it was necessary for Silent Witness to win every major sprint in Hong Kong not once but twice before being asked more challenging questions at the mile that's clearly a step or two too far from him.
Other floats took advantage of the blazing sunshine and hot temperatures to wear considerably less - including muscular dancers from a city nightclub dressed in small red hotpants and another camp follower in just a pair of spangly, skimpy Union Jack shorts.
Vijayan, three- time MP from Nagapattinam and a camp follower of Karunanidhi's son Stalin, was also doing the rounds as the Dalit face for the DMK in the Union cabinet after Raja's exit.
Newcastle are the underdogs in their fourth Cup semi-final appearance in the last seven years and if I sound pessimistic it's only because, as a long-suffering but loyal camp follower from short pants to shorter breath, I have suffered the worst more often than the best.
She's the perpetual camp follower and groupie, flitting from pop star to pop star and calling it true love.
In the unlikely event of Milliband's camp followers gaining a clear majority (8-1 chance) it seems they are set to wage war on the FOBTs or puggies to you and I.
There are quite enough hangers-on and camp followers already.
When his head was cut from his body, it was paraded to the army and camp followers of 4,000 - including women, children and cooks.
Tenders are invited for Service Provider For Cm Security Office, Reception Counter, Pass Section And Camp Followers For Cisf
Earlier, visitors walked amongst the makeshift Saxon, Welsh and Viking encampments, talked to the warriors, traders and camp followers and even tried a spot of medieval warrior training.
WHY were Alan Shearer, Super-Mac and Wor Jackie so revered by the camp followers of Newcastle United?
Since his claim will find considerable resonance -- if he is able to keep some of his more enthusiastic camp followers like former Law Minister Somnath Bharti in check -- then it will not be a wild guess to say that the P may be able to secure a majority of its own in the next assembly elections in Delhi.
The camp followers, the vast Hindi-speaking population attached to the Imperial Court who adapted, as they went along, more Arabic and Persian words into the syntax of their own language just as in later days the English words such as glass and cup became part of a new form of Urdu called Hindustani.
The blue badges are for the WEF staff, the green ones for the camp followers of important delegates, and yellow ones are for journalists like myself.