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establish or set up a camp


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"The government instead of answering their demand closed the camp down," Polykarpou said.
"He could be available later in the series and we'll look to bring him into camp down the line."
ENGLAND rugby league coach Steve McNamara must be sitting in his training camp down under and thinking: 'Thank goodness, this time it's not me."
Al-Baddawi has suffered from the scourge of civil war and had its share of deaths and destruction, especially at Al-Mankoubine neighborhood, Al-Hara and the governmental hospital surroundings, the Bee valley and Baddawi camp down, reaching Baddawi Mountain.
The Eugene City Council agreed last month to shut the camp down sometime between April 1 and April 15.
How you opened your keen eyes in wonder, that first night when, unlocking my room,--you were close following me, had been waiting in the hall an hour,--I told you that you need not undress me, nor camp down on the floor at the foot of my bed; two things which you, in your dutiful capacity, offered to do.
Set in 1846 in the Grampians, the picture book opens somewhat melodramatically with a very disconsolate young Tom, cricket bat under his arm, farmscape behind him, rueing the end of the cricket season and forlornly wondering 'What am I going to do?' Enter friend Jirra from the Djab Wurrung camp down the road.
But its sixth-floor executive lounge looks out on a panorama of unresolved issues that cloud the economic outlook - a built-up Israeli settlement on a nearby hilltop, a Palestinian refugee camp down below and the hazy skyline of distant Jerusalem beyond a grim separation wall.
"I'm so fed up with people refusing to step through the door that we've decided to go down to Manchester for a week or so and have a camp down there.
A Forsa poll showed Merkel's conservative camp down two points from a week ago on 30 percent -- its lowest level since the late summer of 2006.
A boy I met in a camp down the block from the ruins of the Catholic cathedral in Port-au-Prince pointed to the sky.
"I knew there had been a German PoW camp down the road," says creator Mike Howl.
She was a powerful and demanding personality with discriminating tastes and had a talent for dividing any camp down the middle: into friends and foes.