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a light folding chair

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Elsewhere, James's former mentor Nicole Scherzinger has described this year's Boot Camp chair twist as "wretched" and "brutal".They're two adjectives that haven't been heard on The X Factor before.
She has been an active member of NAMA since 2003 and has served in a number of national and local leadership roles, including National Boot Camp Chair, Regional Best of NAMA Chair, chapter president, chapter treasurer, and chapter programming co-chair.
The reverberating syncopated thumps from Glen Prince's bass guitar vibrated through the ground, up the legs of my camp chair, and straight into my chest.
offices in Canary Wharf in London, preparing myself for the 14-hour stint sitting in a camp chair on Regent Street with a load of people I don't know, all waiting for a shop to open.
Also in the line: an ultralight camp chair, chalk bags and other camping accessories.
Snuggled into to the camp chair she''d been sitting on for 10 hours, she said: "You''d have to be a huge fan to sit here Reformed Take That all night, I haven''t had any sleep.
And, if we could camp in a site that had ample privacy, Binki transferred me to a canvas camp chair, and I could take a shower, courtesy of that outside hose.
When I sat in the camp chair inside and drew my bow, the arrow didn't clear the window.
TOM WILLIAMS LEANS BACK ON his camp chair, perched atop the bed of his white Ford four-by-four pickup truck, scratches the back of his pet long-haired dachshund, Vigilante, and smiles as he looks across a farmer's field into the bright, mid-autumn sunshine.
Planning on taking a camp chair as her luxury item, she explained: "I'm not going to sit on a log all day.
2004." Then Winter nestled into a camp chair facing the volcano, taking turns reading a book and glancing up to see if anything was happening yet.
What could be better than an easy-to-pack camp chair with a pocket for your stuff and two cop holders?
CAMP chair and former minister of science and technology Emil Javier contends that half of the LBP profit remitted to the national treasury should remain with LBP.
Snuggled into the camp chair she'd been sitting on for 10 hours, she said: "You'd have to be a huge fan to sit here all night, I haven't had any sleep.