camp bed

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a small bed that folds up for storage or transport


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"He said he thought he had stabbed somebody and I said could it have been Ali (Jonthan's nickname), and he jumped out of the camp bed.
The court heard there was no obvious source of heat in the cold ground floor room and the sleeping bag and camp bed were soaked in urine.
| Mick Clarke, left, on his suspended camp bed writing a letter home with Steve Perkins having a brew.
I used to love it when my nan stayed and I'd sleep on a camp bed with a Magic Roundabout cover.
3-year investigation and it presents Napoleon's camp bed, a canopy bed, a wooden cocoon, a floating bubble, a soft cage and their owners.
IT MIGHT be tempting to feel a little sympathy for Monmouth MP David Davies, forced to sleep in his office on a camp bed because of the rigorous new regulations affecting MPs expenses.
The leader gestured for me to sit on a metal-framed camp bed over which a sleeping bag was draped, and I was handcuffed to the slim trunk of a supporting tree next to the bed.
Famously, she was caught on infrared camera relieving herself by the side of her camp bed rather than using the camp john.
The statement stated further that 'if the APC wishes, it can arrange a camp bed in Ibadan for their Lagos leader, our people will banish them out of our territory.'
At the moment the project is using several churches in the city centre as its base, where those who attend receive a three-course meal, a camp bed to sleep on and a breakfast in the morning.
Setting up the hospice wasn't easy for Mary - she had to sleep on a camp bed in a room with no heating and cracked windows, but she never complained.
There is no one to look at those papers at the Sofia Reception Centre, where he sleeps on a folding camp bed in a room with eight other men.
04 NO NEED to sleep on a hard floor with a folding camp bed, pounds 39, from Jacksons Leisure Supplies (0151 334 0222).
There was also a camp bed, stove and kettle, as well as a barbecue ( which was still warm.