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made invisible by means of protective coloring

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Arguably it's part of a cat and mouse game -car makers know brightly camouflaged cars attract attention and photographers try to take pictures of them so the media can speculate as to what they might be.
The average camouflage score of intact nests was 2.75, which was slightly lower (i.e., were better camouflaged) than the average camouflage score of depredated nests, 3.3.
American naturalist and artist Abbott Handerson Thayer (1849-1921), sometimes referred to as the father of camouflage because of his pioneering research on protective coloration in nature, laid out basic principles: the color of a camouflaged object must match its background.
The ability to mass-produce fabrics during the Second World War led to the greater distribution of camouflaged uniforms.
Mercedes-Benz, a subsidiary of Daimler AG (Xetra: DAI)(FWB: DAI), is launching its new A-Class with the help of special camouflaged models that feature in a game.
They have developed a new imaging technology to 'see' camouflaged marine animals in the eyes of their predators.
Afterwards we made some camouflage masks for role-play in the trees then hid them on camouflaged backgrounds.
A shorthorn grasshopper, for example, disguises itself as a leaf while a European nightjar can become perfectly camouflaged within its environment to hide.
The entangled design completely obstructs our view of the original words; the instruments of meaning are thus camouflaged and transformed into camouflage.
Discuss how birds often are camouflaged in their natural surroundings.
[52] The double-bluff of the Japanese, whereby decoy aircraft were given "a childish kind of camouflage" causing them to be "mistaken for true works which have been insufficiently camouflaged," became famous during the war.
A melanic (dark pigmented) peppered moth sits on a birch tree by a light-colored one camouflaged by crypsis (color matching with background).
With camouflaged waterfowl and turkey guns in increasing demand, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a camo .22.
At the end of each game, identify how campers camouflaged themselves, what worked well, what was difficult about camouflaging, and what helped the predators identify the prey better.