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fabric dyed with splotches of green and brown and black and tan

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Browning fans will be happy with the popular Gold Series of shotguns in Mossy Oak Shadow and Break-up camo.
Winchester's Model 1300 and Super X2 autoloader sport camo finishes as do Mossberg's Model 835 pump-action shotgun.
Mossberg's 835 Ulti-Mag and Model 500 are offered in camo finish options of Realtree Hardwoods, Advantage Timber and Woodlands Camo.
But new technologies, focused on how we design and manufacture camo, will produce a new shift in this market estimated to be in the billions.
Other camo designs will take the form of highly detailed, intricate, artistic expressions.
The biggest change is, in 2012, camo can be digitally designed for you --and by you," Cincotti said.
Textile camo production needed an overhaul for the digital age.
Both breakthroughs use state-of-the-art inking infused onto specially developed vinyls, directly adapting the visible wavelength to the site-specific environment, with algorithmically fine-tuned images "averaged" and merged into the camo design scheme.
So, finally, we can now apply camera-derived camo to uniforms.