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a photographer who operates a movie camera

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He took this decision while presiding over a meeting of crime reporters and cameramen who were subjected to torture yesterday at the High Court.
ADVISER: Alfred Hitchcock (left) and a US combat cameraman ADVISER: Alfred Hitchcock (left) and a US combat cameraman Inside story HOLOCAUST NIGHT WILL FALL Sat C4 9pm As the Allied forces liberated the Nazi concentration camps in January 1945, cameramen filmed the horrifying scenes they encountered.
The injured cameramen include Shakeel Pathan of Express News, Nisar of Metro, Jehanzeb of Sind TV and Jameel Pathan of Dhoom TV.
The two cameramen said the fines are a step taken by the police to restrict their news coverage and prevent them from documenting Israeli police measures which aim to make life unbearable for Palestinians.
One of the cameramen was punched in the face and pushed to the ground, while the attackers also tried to snatch the camera from the other journalist and hit him in the head, Hong Kong TV news footage and reports said.
Summary: Rabat - Morocco's press union (SNPM) denounced on Tuesday banning access of a group of Moroccan journalists to the Moroccan Spanish-occupied city of Melillia and the confinement of two cameramen by Spanish civil guard while they were trying to enter the city through its crossing point.
Rogers was suspended 20 games by Major League Baseball after an incident with two TV cameramen earlier this month.
Before the start of Wednesday's game between the Rangers and Los Angeles Angels in Arlington, Rogers shoved two cameramen.
One of the cameramen, Greg Brennan, 33, claimed: "Toby stepped forward to take a picture and the next thing we knew Hewitt lunged at him with the end of his golf-sized umbrella.
The wall-hangers I've met don't give bowhunters -- or cameramen who move and talk on stand -- very many second chances.
ARLINGTON, Texas - A day after Angels manager Mike Scioscia was called a ``drama queen'' by one of the local newspapers, all the drama Wednesday involved Texas left-hander Kenny Rogers, who was involved in a pregame confrontation with two television cameramen.
Sky News has confirmed that one of its cameramen, Briton Michael Deane, 59, has been killed during coverage of the clashes between Egypt's security forces and pro-Morsi protesters in the Cairo district of Rabaa.
You've seen enough video of cameramen taking a knee to the lens at the end of a fastbreak and seemingly coming out of it OK.
The cameramen left after being told the chief had already gone to work.
30pm, when Mr Phillips - who is regarded as one of the country's leading wildlife cameramen - will reveal how he gets his dramatic shots.