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a photographer who operates a movie camera

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Journalists and cameramen said Maryam's security team and PML-N workers pushed them, resulting in one cameraman knocking into her.
As per details, two cameramen belonging to private TV channels fell unconscious as they were tortured by the ousted prime minister's guard outside the parliament house, when he reached there to attend party meeting.
The two cameramen said the fines are a step taken by the police to restrict their news coverage and prevent them from documenting Israeli police measures which aim to make life unbearable for Palestinians.
ADVISER: Alfred Hitchcock (left) and a US combat cameraman ADVISER: Alfred Hitchcock (left) and a US combat cameraman Inside story HOLOCAUST NIGHT WILL FALL Sat C4 9pm As the Allied forces liberated the Nazi concentration camps in January 1945, cameramen filmed the horrifying scenes they encountered.
Cameramen of the Political Administration are accompanying the army's operations against the armed groups since more than three years ago.
Press cameramen squatting on their little black cases or lying on their stomachs in the rain are part of the landscape at big football matches - and this is what happens when a shot goes just wide of the post and heads towards them.
Head of Sky News John Ryley described Mr Deane as "the very best of cameramen, a brilliant journalist and an inspiring mentor to many at Sky".
Cameramen at Work BBC2, tomorrow, 6.30pm IT'S a fact; we're all in the wrong job.
The reporting team of two correspondents and two cameramen was arrested near Zintan in northwest Libya and held in the capital Tripoli for three weeks, Al-Jazeera said.
Just like hunting, videotaping in the mountains is a physical and mental test, and most cameramen I have worked with simply cannot pass the test.
Summary: Occupied Melilia - Two cameramen from Morocco's radio broadcasting and TV company (SNRT) were detained, on Tuesday morning, by the Spanish civil guard while they were trying to enter the occupied city of Melilia through its crossing point.
Al Jazeera has called on the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) to immediately release two of its cameramen arrested in Afghanistan over the last 72 hours.
His advice to aspiring cameramen: " Get the image as you see directly, on camera.
"Our cameramen are deploying on missions everyday out of forward operating bases and combat outposts that put them in harm's way," said Reeves.
They had their cameramen there today - unless it was one of you (television) people at the back?