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a photographer who operates a movie camera

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The helicopter aircraft commander (HAC) discussed plans for filming the operation with the cameraman, including the best way to capture the small boat operations.
A TV insider said: "Lee and the cameraman were involved in a bit of friendly banter when the mickey-taking got more and more personal.
Security correspondent Frank Gardner, 42, was shot by gunmen in an attack which claimed the life of 36-year-old cameraman Simon Cumbers on June 6.
Under the Reuters banner, his name appears in Arabic and in English and under it the title "correspondent and cameraman." If I called the mobile number who would answer?
Ditya Sudarsono, spokesman for the military emergency authorities in Aceh, said senior reporter Ersa Siregar and cameraman Rachmatsyah have not made any contact with their office in Jakarta since 4 p.m.
The armed forces have launched an investigation to determine the whereabouts of GMA Network Inc.-Channel 7 reporter Carlo Lorenzo and cameraman Gilbert Ordiales, southern command public information officer Rhoderick Parayno said.
The Belgian cameraman had arrived on a flight from Amman, Jordan, but was placed in a small cell at the airport with five Chinese nationals and a Hungarian tourist.
The Swedish ambassador Peter Tejler has reportedly met with Afghanistan's justice minister Abdul Rahim Karimi in Islamabad, Pakistan in an attempt to find out the results of the investigation of the murder of Ulf Stromberg, a television cameraman.
"He just went crazy, " said cameraman Felipe Borrego.
The cameraman is Mark Heath, a doctor who rushed to the World Trade Center after the terrorist attacks, only to narrowly miss dying himself when one of the towers collapsed.
When a man on the street (played by Fortin himself) is interviewed by a TV cameraman, he steals the camera.
* Cameraman Luis Alberto Rincon and reporter Alberto Sanchez were covering a local election in Colombia when they were killed on Nov.
Each of the new distance learning facilities includes CameraMan camera systems and specially designed microphones from Jacksonville, Fla.-based ParkerVision, which has been providing automated tracking camera systems for use in distance learning applications since the early 1990s.
Prime Minister Modi had just inaugurated the new terminal building of Surat airport, when during his speech he was seen gesturing towards his officers and SPG personnel after he observed from the stage that a cameraman had fainted.
He was talking to media at PIMS hospital Islamabad after inquiring about the health of a cameraman of private TV channel Syed Wajid Ali, who was injured by Nawaz Sharif's security guards outside the parliament house on Tuesday.