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a photographer who operates a movie camera

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Caption: Former dancer and camera operator Kyxz Mendiola flew and hovered for a few minutes in his new contraption.
With LiveU Central and these Panasonic live cameras, any camera operator can manage a live uplink while shooting video, essential for a one-person remote crew.
The officers then hurried towards the camera, blocking the view and requesting the camera operator to move away.
"You're holding a camera, monitoring audio, and you've got mosquitoes buzzing in your ear," says camera operator David Short.
The remote controlled camera mounted on this small helicopter' can pan tilt and roll through a wireless-operated onboard video transmitter which downlinks the live signal to the camera operator. The system is controlled by two operators with independent controls: the helicam pilot and camera operator.
A broadcast from Beijing's Tiananmen Square has turned into a bizarre television experience for British viewers after a Sky News reporter and his camera operator were detained by authorities - live.
Shu Shi Jun, a 75 year-old camera operator at the time of her interview, speaks about her experiences in China, in 1949, when she started working as a news reporter and camera operator.
As he searched for suspects, the control office camera operator radioed that he had seen someone "acting suspiciously" in the area.
Hall started off his career as a camera operator on shows including Diagnosis Murder and Beverly Hills, 90210, before moving into cinematography.
CNN's Anderson Cooper said he, a producer and camera operator were set upon by people who began punching them and trying to break their camera.
It is dangerous self delusion to think that a camera operator will call the police to rescue you if you are attacked; this rarely happens, which is why we read of tragedies like this.
As with workers in other broadcast-related occupations, students interested in becoming a camera operator or film and video editor should gain experience before graduation.
The simple text and highly illustrated format will get any digital camera operator up and running in no time.
For one thing, Rist's swirling, swerving, corkscrew camera movements are dizzying in the most exhilarating way: It's as if Tinker Bell were the artist's camera operator. As it turns out, seeing things from the viewpoint of a small, fast, mercurial creature is even more jarring when you're lying flat on your back (and just try taking notes that way).