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a photographer who operates a movie camera

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At Rockadove, Mr Bartlett will be the lead camera operator on projects for clients including Community Housing Cymru (CHC), Invacare and Cardiff University.
It releases camera operators from having to use expensive licensed channel or cable systems, providing creative flexibility through a cost-effective solution.
The safety camera operator at the time was utterly astounded by the speed of the vehicles.
The film also provides segments on different types of camera work, such as news reporting in war zones--including a poignant interview with Margaret Moth, a camera operator who was wounded while filming the Bosnian War--working on action scenes, and news reporting in large crowds, where Senegal-based camera woman Aminata Wade shares her story of being assisted by a man who lifted her onto his shoulders so she could capture footage.
Or, as the ticket explained in council-speak, "the alleged contravention was noted at the time by Camera Operator 004 who was observing real-time pictures from the roadside camera at the time stated.
The simple text and highly illustrated format will get any digital camera operator up and running in no time.
For one thing, Rist's swirling, swerving, corkscrew camera movements are dizzying in the most exhilarating way: It's as if Tinker Bell were the artist's camera operator.
Loose or broken electrical wire strands typically show up as hot spots, and the camera operator can reference an intact wire next to the broken wire to determine the normal temperature.
In 1991, Madonna came to rehearse the nominated song from Dick Tracy while the crew awaited paramedics to treat a camera operator who had fallen into the orchestra pit.
His personal interest in aviation led to work as a camera operator on the Howard Hughes feature Hell's Angels, during the era when the name conjured up images of young men flying biplanes to riding Harleys.
It's a Pacific powwow," said the Guam delegation news camera operator as we arrived at the opening ceremony for the Eighth Pacific Arts Festival, in Noumea, New Caledonia.
The cars pull up," said a TV camera operator who did not wish to identify himself or his agency She gets out.
This usually requires the questioner to stand behind the camera operator rather than to the side.
Covert recording also reduces the distraction to the interviewer and interviewee of having the equipment and camera operator in the interview room.