camera obscura

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a darkened enclosure in which images of outside objects are projected through a small aperture or lens onto a facing surface

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In fact, there is no evidence that he did use a camera obscura, so all his scenes were hand drawn using his knowledge of perspective.
Camera obscura technology has been used in astronomy to study solar eclipses and in spy work to make surreptitious surveillance cameras.
In 1490, Leonardo Da Vinci gave two clear descriptions of the camera obscura in his notebooks.
Leonardo Da Vinci was familiar with the camera obscura; in the 15th century, the architect Filipo Brunelleschi pioneered vanishing-point perspective, while Jan van Eyck clearly understood mirrors and lenses and almost certainly used them.
"I am very bucked with my camera obscura, just finished," wrote Horace Dall more than a half century ago.
It is a small-size version of the ancient "camera obscura."
1 See Shigeru Tsuji, 'Brunelleschi and the Camera Obscura: The Discovery of Pictorial Perspective', Art History, Vol.
Pastor and writer whose Camera obscura is a classic of Dutch literature.
The first camera obscura we encounter here overlooks cliffs and water in San Francisco.
The Camera Obscura Artistic Excellence Award is the highest honor given by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) during the annual Film Ambassadors' Night to films, filmmakers, and artists whose outstanding achievements and breakthroughs have positively inspired the Philippine film industry to aspire to greater heights.
"As well as a travelling camera obscura, the artwork is part of the Caerlaverock National Nature Reserve's Tom Henry Environment Fair takes place at the weekend
Taking her cue more from Nina Persson or even Camera Obscura, Dodie's voice playfully chirrups over jangly guitars in diminished keys that evoke at once youthful joy and world weary melancholy.
He is back for a fourth stint at the Moustache Bar in Stoke Newington this weekend where patrons can expect to hear tunes from the likes of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Camera Obscura, The Fall, Belle and Sebastian and New Order.