camera obscura

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a darkened enclosure in which images of outside objects are projected through a small aperture or lens onto a facing surface

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Sharjah: Though 10th century Arab scholar Ibn Al Haytham is generally credited for the invention of camera obscura, which demonstrated how light can be used to project an image on to a flat surface, photography as a medium took off less than two centuries ago.
7) Penned by Juste Chanlatte, (8) this comedy relies on the camera obscura as a prop and a trope to unveil the fetishist aspect of the European idealized conception of scientific knowledge as the transparent projection of truth.
Several scholars from different disciplines have been interested in the history of the camera obscura (e.
The activities and attractions include an interactive book expo, an exhibition of inventions and the camera obscura of Ibn al-Haytham.
The five exhibitions, which include an Interactive Book Exhibition, Camera Obscura of Ibn al Haytham, the Inventions Exhibition, the Verse and Miracle Exhibition, and the Scientific Achievements of Every Inventor exhibition, were inaugurated on Monday.
Summary: It's said history's first photograph was taken by French Inventor Nicephore Niepce using camera obscura.
The camera is in the shape of a box, like the Camera obscura but Morelli has made it user-friendly.
Expounding on David Hockney's proposition that the seventeenth-century Dutch wizard used the mechanical aid of something like a camera obscura to make his paintings, lenison creates a system of mirrors and lenses that could have been used in the 1600s to produce optically implausible works.
The story revolves around a camera, the camera obscura, the only defense against these spirits.
The Rankins were regular ceilidh attendees, but a generation on, it is the modern Glasgow pop school who Alvvays hold in thrall, this debut LP recalling the shimmering heartbreak pop of prime Camera Obscura, and Rankin's glowing vocals cosied up to yearning lyrics and gilded guitar hooks attesting to an eager kinship.
This new addition to campus is actually a camera obscura, which processes light through a small opening into a darkened box -- or in Assumption's case, a room -- and projects the light onto an opposite surface.
Shirley joined celebrities from the music, arts and entertainment industry – including singer Nina Nesbitt, bands Admiral Fallow and Camera Obscura, comedian Frankie Boyle and comic book writer Grant Morrison – at the glitzy bash.
As hotel owners it was a real boost to hear all the positive and favourable comments regarding the cross section of artists - from contemporary performance at the Tabernacle Chapel, the open-air promenade cinema, the music of the town band and the exhibitions at both the derelict Castle Hotel and the superb Oriel Mostyn; not forgetting the bathing huts on the promenade with '''' Boogaloo Stu'''' and the sock puppets, the Camera Obscura, '''' Mug Shots'''' and so much more - all of which widened the appeal of the festival and made it such a success.