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nonvolatile storage that can be electrically erased and programmed anew

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Steven Malcolm, 42, was eager to get his hands on the money, it was alleged, after handing over a black folder and phone camera memory card to an undercover police officer, Manchester Crown Court heard yesterday.
The case examiner said that the police had confiscated clothes including underwear and four computers, and were looking a camera memory card.
* The CineMag interface allows a user to save a high-speed shot from camera memory to non-volatile storage.
There are some sartorial experiments which are best left on a digital camera memory card.
Police also found a clip of the woman and child in a camera memory card hidden inside a sock, as well as covert footage showing other females getting changed.
Struggling with his conscience, David reluctantly agrees to do as Nathan wants, but demands that he is given the camera memory card and half the money upfront.
The ban covered all forms of USB flash media, such as thumb drives, memory sticks, memory cards, and camera memory cards, as well as other removable media.
Otherwise, these videos are saved in the camera memory and never displayed or watched."
SanDisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash cards feature a new SanDiskA Power Core Controllerao, an advanced memory controller that enables lightning-fast read and write speeds of up to 90MB/s1, doubling the performance from previous SanDisk high-end camera memory cards.
A digital camera memory card, containing photos of an unknown family's holiday in Havana, was found by cycling enthusiast Adam Burns at Honley Show.
As reported, a camera memory card containing around 70 photos from a wedding and honeymoon was found in Billingham town centre.
Coincidently, I discovered that on the very same day I exposed my camera memory card in the loo the world was celebrating World Toilet Day.
The percentage of households using the digital camera memory card for storage increased significantly to 53% in 2006, up from 38% in 2005 and only 19% in 2004.
Among those with a plan, CDs and DVDs are most popular, but some rely on digital camera memory cards or prints as their backup media."
In addition, the VRD-MC5 can directly record digital photos to a DVD as a slideshow or just for photo storage from any of the five popular digital camera memory cards.