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the point of view of a camera

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Holly was actually wearing the same top for the whole trial, but in close-up camera shots, when the camera angle was facing straight on, the Re/Done logo appeared to be blurred out in post-production.
Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC next month, the new Fan View mode will let players see "the on-field action in breathtaking clarity" - although it still isn't entirely clear how it will differ from the usual range of camera angles.
"The other camera angles show that I was completely unaware of what was going on.
Taylor said it seemed that the camera angles of the incident, in which Jamie Mackie went flying outside the area and earned Plymouth their goal via a penalty, proved inconclusive.
Since the theatrical lights are designed for only the live audience in the house, a new lighting plot must be determined for the special, accommodating camera angles without changing the theatrical feel of the event.
Simply strap the AT-5 to a tree, a wood post or a metal fence post and then tilt and pivot the camera angle to cover the likeliest spots.
Other features include embedded real-time Linux operating system, automatic compensation for camera angle, package skew and belt speed variations, and a filterless cooling system.
* adjusting the camera angle, amount of light, and focus for optimal results
The cameras include many other professional-level features, such as a measuring range of -20 to 500[degrees]C, on-board storage of 1,300 images, and a 3.5-inch articulating LCD that allows viewing at any camera angle. Circle #229 or click
"In film you're basing the movement on camera positions, so you have to make sure each hit is choreographed to a particular camera angle."
Instead of presenting standard reportage on contemporary art, it presented artistic projects in the medium of television; instead of the object status of art, it emphasized its processes, such as in the way Dibbets's sand square (which, because of the perspectival distortion of the camera angle, was actually a trapezoid) eventually gets washed away by the waves.
Camera angle, zoom functions, and display of as many as 16 camera images on one screen can be manipulated, and
Omron says it has the steepest camera angle on the market and features an optional intelligent light source that reduces the background effects on processed and rough-metal parts.
Gradually, however, through a combination of heightened security concerns and determined effort to control what the public sees, presidential aides have penned up photographers in smaller spaces, all but guaranteeing that they will use the camera angle and backdrop the White House wants.