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The NPD Group, which puts together the camera sales reports for the PMA, points out that nearly all the digital cameras sold in November 2008 had resolutions of at least 6 megapixels, and that the resolution of entry-level cameras is moving to above the 10-megapixel mark.
The convenience of plugging a 1-to 2-megapixel IP camera into your existing data network and viewing the images from anywhere is compelling.
People replace their digital camera about every two years, much like a cell phone, according to anecdotal evidence and reports in computer and photo magazines.
NEW YORK -- While there is still a significant market for film cameras, the digital revolution is in full swing and cameras with advanced technology are starting to appear at mass market prices.
If you experience a delay (also known as shutter lag) when snapping your photos, it's happening because you have not told the camera what to focus on before taking the image.
A digital camera with well-designed software fits the bill for all three categories--educational, nostalgic, and technological.
Until it broke down, the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) was the most popular instrument on board, accounting for two-thirds of the observations made by the orbiting telescope.
27, when the orbiting observatory abruptly went into "safe mode," turning off its nonessential detectors, including several in the telescope's showcase instrument, the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS).
"Speed sites", as they are known, must comply with the safety camera programme signing rules - and all traffic signs with the statutory requirements.
But by 2000, the rate of the digital camera's growth started to slow.
The Web Site: Moultrie's Game Management web site offers members a private-access web page to manage photos, data and cameras anywhere in the world, from any computer with Internet access.
To help engineers maintain precise colour matching between stereo pairs of cameras, Grass Valley has developed a new software release for its OCP 400 camera control unit.
EVERY speed camera in Coventry will be switched off by April next year after cuts in funding.
Replacing those cameras is expensive, county police officials say, costing between $30,000 and $100,000.
Having a camera and someone who knows how to use it on every job site is important.