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engraving or carving in low relief on a stone (as in a brooch or ring)

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Perhaps you understand all about cameos, and can tell me if these are really good.
I found out before I came away that she wanted me to buy her some cameos, and I should be sorry for them not to be good--after their kind." Dorothea added the last words with a smile.
"You seem not to care about cameos," said Will, seating himself at some distance from her, and observing her while she closed the cases.
Smooth-shaven, every line was distinct, and it was cut as clear and sharp as a cameo; while sea and sun had tanned the naturally fair skin to a dark bronze which bespoke struggle and battle and added both to his savagery and his beauty.
"My dear Lucy," he declared, "you are wonderful - a perfect cameo, a gem.
"He wore no jewelry but a cameo scarf pin and a perfectly gorgeous ring,--a queer kind of one that wound round and round his finger.
How very serious--how very solemn you look: and you are as ignorant of the matter as this cameo head" (taking one from the mantelpiece).
I shall compliment Mademoiselle Danglars on her cameo, while the father talks to you."
The great judge's head--seamed and vertical forehead, iron mouth, and pike-like under-jaw, all set on that thick neck rising out of the white flannelled collar--was thrown against the puckered green silk of the organ-front as it might have been a cameo of Titus.
I remember perfectly that he wore a flat, broad, black satin tie in which was stuck a large cameo pin; and a small turn down collar.
'It was always a lot of fun shooting these cameos because he was very charming, and he would maybe get the crew going, and everybody would be laughing and having a good time.'
Pixaris know for its Easter eggs and little cameos, but there's one you may have forgotten - or even missed - and that's TV presenter Andi Peters.
Rai and has cameos by multiple Bollywood celebrities, including R.
Superhero creator Stan Lee's movie cameos became his trademark.
STAN Lee will be with fans "for some time longer" after filming many cameos in future movies, fan Jonathan Ross has said.