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any of several shrubs or small evergreen trees having solitary white or pink or reddish flowers

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"Transportation costs are our third-largest expense behind salaries and benefits," said Abb Payne, Camellia president and CEO.
There is no more beautiful flower than the Camellia but its popularity is blighted by its susceptibility to frost damage.
Chestina Welty and young Eudora adored the camellia for the color it could bring to a barren landscape from late fall through early spring, and they planted dozens of camellias in many varieties.
(Alliance News) - Agriculture firm Camellia PLC on Thursday raised its dividend despite interim revenue declining amid a fall in tea prices.
Three stunning Camellia which are elegant and vigorous Japanese shrubs.
QI had my pink camellia for about 10 years, blooming profusely and regularly, in a large pot on my patio.
It sounds like you looked after your camellia well, with good watering and feeding routine, so it is possible that your shrub was simply a victim of a fungal disease such as root rot or dieback which caused such a drastic decline.
The seed residues of tea-oil camellia (with the hulls) are one of the most common sources of lignification waste with several bioactive components such as protein, polysaccharides and polyphenols remaining [2].
In conjunction, the company's CAMELLIA (Cardiovascular And Metabolic Effects of Lorcaserin In Overweight And Obese Patients) TIMI 61 study was the largest double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group Phase IIIB/IV study in 12,000 patients at high risk for a CV event underwent randomisation.
QI planted a camellia about six years ago and it never flowered.
AnMed's Camellia Ball celebrates silver anniversary
Visitors can see splendid flower displays featuring over 500 different species of Camellia flower, and it is free for the public.
The beautiful Leslie Ann is a Camellia sasanqua that has had admirers bringing out their cameras for many years.
Pint-size explorer, Camellia N.'s nightly dreams take her on adventures to all seven continents under the sea and into space where she learns about and gains appreciation for the environment wildlife and natural resources.
(NYSE: EHC) has closed the acquisition of privately owned Mississippi, US-based health, hospice and private duty facilities operator Camellia Healthcare and affiliated entities, the company said.