camel's hair

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a soft tan cloth made with the hair of a camel

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Under a stereomicroscope each predatory mite was collected individually from the filter paper and placed onto a pepper plant with a camel's hair brush.
The collection of 10 adult thrips from cotton leaves and their release onto a pepper plant using the mini-aspirator took 37 s compared with 229 s with the camel's hair brush method.
The collection and release of 10 and 20 predatory mites required 639 and 1154 s with a moistened camel's hair brush compared with 43 and 90 s, respectively, with the mini-aspirator (Figs.
The camel's hair brush method in addition to being very slow can cause injury, especially to soft-bodied small arthropods.
Elegant trimmings, subtle embellishment and tone-on-tone weaves provide an element of luxury to everything from camel's hair jackets and wool ruana wraps to velveteen jeans and silk charmeuse blouses.