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Three metamorphoses of the spirit have I designated to you: how the spirit became a camel, the camel a lion, and the lion at last a child.
We made no great gain, however, by this victory, for we lost a camel and gained a horse.
Besides this, we bought a large quantity of raw silk, and some other goods, our cargo amounting, in these goods only, to about three thousand five hundred pounds sterling; which, together with tea and some fine calicoes, and three camels' loads of nutmegs and cloves, loaded in all eighteen camels for our share, besides those we rode upon; these, with two or three spare horses, and two horses loaded with provisions, made together twenty-six camels and horses in our retinue.
The three hundred soldiers from Naum marched in our front, the two hundred in our rear, and our men on each side of our camels, with our baggage and the whole caravan in the centre; in this order, and well prepared for battle, we thought ourselves a match for the whole ten thousand Mogul Tartars, if they had appeared; but the next day, when they did appear, it was quite another thing.
Dubai: The world's first calf from a cloned camel has been born.
Birqash camel market is the biggest market to import and sell camels in the Middle East, spread over a space of 25,000 acres.
They offer camel polo, racing and trekking, and their all-star herd has been involved in film, TV and stage productions.
Camel race is a local sport eagerly followed by the public and its raising is seen as a sign of pride as it is linked to the Omani citizens since ancient times.
A Dubai cafe, trying to give a modern twist to an old Bedouin tradition, has started putting camel products on its menu.
Serving coffee, tea, milk shakes and smoothies with camel milk was a totally new concept when we launched Cafe2Go last year," Al Bastaki said.
Abdul Rehman told that it was basically our initiative to celebrate the Camel Day in the country and the world to highlight the importance of the camel with its rare characteristics.
Last year European Commission inspectors rejected the UAE's bid to begin the long process of exporting camel milk.
Australia, with apparently be the largest camel population in the world, exports significant amounts of camel meat to Saudi Arabia.
The company was set up 11 years ago and offers everything from camel racing, camel polo, camel rides and camel trekking to pig racing.
For centuries the people of Arabia have used camel milk as a health food with its unique properties that boost the body's immune system with vitamins A, B2, C and D.