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a portable television camera and videocassette recorder

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Designed with advanced amateurs and hobbyists in mind, the VIXIA GX10 4K UHD Video Camcorder provides the same high- image quality as the Canon XF405 and XF400.
As digital products become more fashionable, easier to use and more popular, DVD replacing DV tapes, microdrive and flash memory replacing DVD will be the main development trend of camcorder storage media.
The Everio Series is unparalleled in the camcorder industry, having eliminated the need for using and replacing media, while offering quick random access for ease of operation and the compact and lightweight*4 design.
To date, CMOS image sensors have not had the technical capability to compete in the digital camcorder market; CCDs have dominated this entire market segment.
From Sony's "sized down" MICROMV Handycam, which weighs in at 8 ounces, to Samsung's DuoCam, a digital camcorder coupled with a 4.
JVC created the smallest, lightest camcorder on the market in the process, with picture quality that surpasses the best consumer analog camcorders.
Many camcorder purchases are made not only on the basis of price but on the ease of use and on weight and size (ladies will want a unit that doesn't require a weightlifter's muscles to record the Christmas dinner or baby's first steps).
a leader in digital imaging solutions, today unveiled four new camcorders for its VIXIA lineup, with the introduction of three VIXIA HF R-series camcorder models, the VIXIA HF R42, VIXIA HF R40 and VIXIA HF R400, and the expansion of the acclaimed G-series line with the new VIXIA HF G20 camcorder.
This arrangement brings one of our most popular and easy to use products together with the very latest digital video camcorder technology from the industry leader.
JVC has a digital camcorder that will be available to Japanese consumers in December and a version of it is expected in the U.
Better digital capture and multiple formats will be some of the strongest forces that drive the broadcast / pro video camcorder market in the next several years.
Since Flash Memory is a solid-state memory format and has no moving parts, the camcorder can be smaller, more compact and lighter than ever before, allowing it to be carried anywhere.
With the mass of camcorders to choose from and even more information to sift through, consumers can turn to Wize to simplify product research when looking for the camcorder that is right for them.
Canon Enters AVCHD DVD Camcorder Arena with the World's Smallest(1) Contender, Packing a Potent Mix of Advanced Features to Help Users Easily and Comfortably Shoot HD Movies Direct to DVD
With its proud professional pedigree plain to see, the HV20 HD Camcorder draws on decades of Canon's proven excellence in optics and technological innovation, incorporating professional level HD video features in a handy, horizontal-style, user-friendly design.