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a portable television camera and videocassette recorder

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All Quantitative Camcorder Data for past year, current year, forecast for next year
Debuting this month is GO-VIDEO's new sophisticated 8mm/VHS Dual- Deck VCR that allows camcorder owners to easily copy their home 8mm tapes onto standard VHS tapes and make complex edits of up to eight scenes on an 8mm deck by simply pushing a button.
The FS11 Dual Flash Memory camcorder offers a 16GB internal Flash drive, for up to 10 hours of video recording, plus adds the flexibility of an SDHC memory card slot.
Also found in the professional grade XL H1 HD camcorder, the Canon HV10 HDV camcorder features Canon's DIGIC DV II image processor, which is designed to handle the vast amount of information required for HD recording.
NEW YORK -- With no bulky tapes, discs, or special batteries to buy, capturing all your favorite holiday memories is easier than ever with the new RCA EZ105 Small Wonder digital camcorder, available now.
Playing video back from HDV camcorders on HD-ready TV sets is one of the main ways consumers have of enjoying personal high definition video," said Steve Ro, CEO of InterVideo.
IEEE P1825 will set uniform criteria for the design, production and evaluation of the lithium-ion and lithium-ion polymer batteries used in digital cameras and camcorders.
Digital Still Camera and Camcorder Accessory Owner Survey, contains results from a top-level study of U.
Our new Mini DVD-R Dual Layer discs deliver the convenience of longer recording times that camcorder users want without the drawbacks of double-sided DVD media," said Tim Clatterbuck, Verbatim Optical Storage Manager.
Canon's new DC50 DVD Camcorder is a dream come true for discerning video enthusiasts and photo buffs seeking an easy way to take, view and share vibrant video and spectacular photos.
Positioned at the apex of this advanced yet entry-level array of DVD camcorders, the DC230 DVD Camcorder offers the advantages of the DC220 model, plus a 1.
Analysys International says Samsung's strategy to explode into DVD camcorder market is to snatch some market share in DV camcorder market before flash memory based DV camcorders become popular, and to guarantee its market share and customer development in the future.
BEIJING, March 23 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Analysys International, a leading Internet based provider of business information about technology, media and telecom (TMT) industries in China, says DVD based DV camcorders fit current market demand but flash memory based DV camcorders will become the mainstream in the future.
The Everio Series is unparalleled in the camcorder industry, having eliminated the need for using and replacing media, while offering quick random access for ease of operation and the compact and lightweight*4 design.
To date, CMOS image sensors have not had the technical capability to compete in the digital camcorder market; CCDs have dominated this entire market segment.