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a finely woven white linen

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41) Since cambrics and lawns were still woven from hand-spun yarn, women weavers would be recruited from former spinners.
47) In this area linen manufacturers put-out the finer yarns for cambrics and lawns.
As detailed above, the strict division o labor between males and females changed at the lower and higher ends of the industry: at the lower end by coarse sailcloth and canvas weavers who had acces to mill-spun yam; at the higher end by cambric and lawn weavers outside Portadown and Lurgan who received finer yarns from putters-out.
They are PT Indocement Tunggal Perkasa, PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII, Pabrik Gula Madu Baru, PT Rekayasa Industri, PT Cambrics Prissima, PT Atmindo, PT Intirub and PT Semen Baturaja.
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