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a finely woven white linen

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I was the accomplished graduate of a dry goods store, where, by dint of ministering to the whims of fine ladies, and suiting silken hose to delicate limbs, and handling satins, ribbons, chintzes calicoes, tapes, gauze, and cambric needles, I grew up a very ladylike sort of a gentleman.
But you--I shudder to think what you would have been-- a curate in debt for horse-hire and cambric pocket-handkerchiefs
I am done with him,' said James (wiping his cane with his cambric handkerchief), and his sword clattered deliciously (I cannot think this was accidental), which made my mother sigh.
You see you can't trust to your father's taking you to the pantomime, but you can trust to every one of the poor frenzied gentlemen for whom that lady has wept a delicious little tear on her lovely little cambric handkerchief.
he added, yielding with a sigh to the orders of his nurse, who had flown for the eye-wash and linen cambric handkerchief.
Tenders are invited for Tender For Cambric Cotton Dyed Signal Red, Azure Blue, Olive Green, Light Orange And Cambric Cotton Undyed (Total 6 Items)
Xavier Cambric, 19, of Marion, was charged with residential burglary on Jan.
At night we would pitch a cambric tent, despite the weather, because it was the only material she had brought.
Firdous Collection Lawn, Firdous Korean Lawn, Firdous Spring Summer Shirt, Digital Viscose, Firdous Cambric and Firdous Swiss Volie are Firdous famous brands.
The chic menswear, classy chiffon collection, super Khas deals with upto 50% off, soft & warm Winter arrivals, Khas Spring collection, stylish Cambric collection and linen/karandi collections are just to name a few that are up for grabs in this 100% cashback offer.
It comprises 12 designs based on lawn, cambric, chiffon and jacquard.
The deformities of stiffened stays, high heels, powder, whalebone petticoats, and unmeaning flounces of many coloured frippery, now yield to the simple elegance of cambric and muslin drapery: thus health is preserved by an unconstrained motion of the body; and beauty is ascertained by the unequivocal testimonies of symmetry and nature.
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