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a finely woven white linen

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I was the accomplished graduate of a dry goods store, where, by dint of ministering to the whims of fine ladies, and suiting silken hose to delicate limbs, and handling satins, ribbons, chintzes calicoes, tapes, gauze, and cambric needles, I grew up a very ladylike sort of a gentleman.
But you--I shudder to think what you would have been-- a curate in debt for horse-hire and cambric pocket-handkerchiefs!"
'I am done with him,' said James (wiping his cane with his cambric handkerchief), and his sword clattered deliciously (I cannot think this was accidental), which made my mother sigh.
You see you can't trust to your father's taking you to the pantomime, but you can trust to every one of the poor frenzied gentlemen for whom that lady has wept a delicious little tear on her lovely little cambric handkerchief.
I say, don't you tell the other fellows that I made a baby of myself, will you?" he added, yielding with a sigh to the orders of his nurse, who had flown for the eye-wash and linen cambric handkerchief.
Conservatives once saw it as their role to protect the constitution, not brush it aside with a flick of the cambric handkerchief.
SALISBURY: 5.15 Amor Fati, 5.50 Rapidash, 6.20 Fantom Force, 6.50 Man Of The Night, 7.20 Just My Type, 7.50 Cambric.
LEICESTER: 1.55 Nostrovia, 2.30 Dorchester Dom, 3.05 Innocent, 3.40 Monsieur Noir, 4.15 Desert Land, 4.50 Cambric, 5.25 Princess Way.
HAYDOCK PARK 2.05pm Sir Ron Priestley 2.40pm Enbihaar 3.15pm Koeman (NAP) 3.50pm Keep Busy 4.25pm Summerghand 5pm Madrinho 5.35pm Three Saints Bay SANDOWN 1.50pm Sergei Prokofiev 2.25pm Petrus 3pm Main Edition 3.35pm Magical 4.10pm Magical Wish 4.45pm Cleonte 5.20pm Amjaady BEVERLEY 2pm King's Caper 2.35pm Sombra De Mollys 3.10pm Shepherd's Purse 3.45pm Bighearted 4.20pm Bollin Joan 4.55pm Thakaa 5.30pm Dream Of Honour LEICESTER 1.55pm Gold At Midnight 2.30pm Bob's Oss 3.05pm Ralport Dolly 3.40pm Glenn Coco 4.15pm Rhossili Down 4.50pm Cambric 5.25pm Princess Way TOMORROW'S NAP: Regal Mirage (Ayr 2.30pm)
Trainer Patsy Sercombe5.30 pm - Ninth Race - The Mombasa Cambric Vicky Jackman Trophy (1,000m) 1.
Apart from luxurious kota weaves and handwoven Chanderi, the collection also includes mull cotton and cambric. The fusion of vintage floral designs with royal geometric motifs creates everyday pieces which are high on quality and rich in craftsmanship.
They wear upon the head a kerchief, transparent like a veil, made of the pine fibre, finer than our finest cambric the neck is ornamented by a string of large coral beads, fastened by a gold medallion.
The luxury lawn line comes with embroidered fabrics such as jacquards, silks and cambric. The collection has a diverse blend of design influences that converged to make each outfit uniquely beautiful in its design and aesthetics.