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Synonyms for camber

a slight convexity (as of the surface of a road)

a slope in the turn of a road or track


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the alignment of the wheels of a motor vehicle closer together at the bottom than at the top

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curve upward in the middle

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41[degrees] and for the rear cambers, the average camber error was only 0.
It would appear that the camber of the new road surface has changed and is deceptive to drivers, with a particular risk to larger vehicles with higher centres of gravity.
Mr Cambers added: "Since its inception in 2011 we have seen a healthy demand for Pivotal services from both SITS Group's existing client base as well as new clients.
With Godly Reading: Print, Manuscript and Puritanism in England, 1580-1720, Andrew Cambers aims to examine 'the intersection of the culture of puritanism and the history of reading in the long seventeenth century' (p.
The solitary readers depicted in numerous funerary monuments, in graphic illustrations and as iconic spiritual pilgrims by Bunyan and others, Cambers insists, give a fundamentally misleading impression.
The main problem is that the modified airfoil has a larger airfoil thickness and a smaller camber per chord length.
If you must drive in such lethal conditions, make use of the road camber.
Chairman Loy has organized networks comprised of corporations and individuals which completed projects for Aero Jet Corporation, DeMichael/Sciaky, Westinghouse, Allis Cambers and others.
Commercial director Phil Cambers puts the rise down to a combination of factors, including a greater awareness among businesses of the need to invest in specialist IT solutions.
Phil Cambers, commercial director, said: "We've now got a very good track record with large organisations, but we're getting more involved with schools and colleges as well now.
GulfMark Offshore provides marine transport to the oil and gas industry, and commercial director Phil Cambers believes there are promising opportunities in oil and gas while other sectors battle with the bottom line.
Director Phil Cambers said: "In September of the year we started, it began to go really downhill for the economy and it could have gone one way or another.
Phil Cambers, commercial director of SITS Group, said: "It's a much more intelligent use of resources.
Commercial director Phil Cambers said: "We had set ourselves some realistic targets for the first 12 months, so to achieve those targets in the first half of the year and then go on to double our forecasted sales reinforced our view that there was a gap in the market for a true visualisation specialist in the North East.
When Kon Ostaficiuk walked into Camber Pharmaceuticals offices some six years ago there were four people and four laptops crowded into two small offices.