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Synonyms for camber

a slight convexity (as of the surface of a road)

a slope in the turn of a road or track


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the alignment of the wheels of a motor vehicle closer together at the bottom than at the top

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curve upward in the middle

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Camber made the recall in cooperation with the U.S.
Camber beans are roasted at Tony's facility in north Bellingham.
Critique: Enhanced with informed and informative Forewords by Laura Vidler (who holds the Spanish Chair at the University of South Dakota) and farmer poet Scott Chasky; color illustrations, a bibliography, and an index, "Melinda Camber Porter in Conversation with Octavio Paz, Cuernavaca, Mexico 1983" is the fourth volume in the Melinda Camber Porter Archive of Creative Works series.
Camber Permian II is a subsidiary of oil and gas exploration and production company Camber Energy, Inc.
For example, it is now possible to control the tire camber angles by using electromagnetic actuators.
Relatives of some of the men have criticised the lack of lifeguards at Camber Sands, and suggested they may have stood a chance of survival if the beach had been manned.
Following the deaths, relatives of some of the men criticised the lack of lifeguards at Camber Sands, and suggested they may have stood a chance of survival if the beach had been manned.
Camber Pharmaceuticals is a fully integrated international pharmaceutical company that maintains quality and integrity in all its products.
The NASCAR[c] race car with its 6+[degrees] LF camber had some of the lowest variation in the whole test.
The wheels do not camber like those of a single-track vehicle when the tricycle is cornering.
Camber's simulated sensor suite installation in the T-1A CSO aircraft upgraded a variety of aircraft systems including an ADS-B antenna, GPS, intercommunication system, and multiple display systems.
Provider of mission-critical engineering and technical services to aerospace customers Camber Corporation on Wednesday announced that John Lord has been appointed as senior vice president and manager of contract and pricing.
Camber Corp, a US-based defence contractor, has acquired EADS North America Defense Security and Systems Solutions, Inc (DS3), a US-based provider of cyber security, information assurance (IA), information technology (IT), and secure satellite communication services.
The main problem is that the modified airfoil has a larger airfoil thickness and a smaller camber per chord length.