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Synonyms for camber

a slight convexity (as of the surface of a road)

a slope in the turn of a road or track


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the alignment of the wheels of a motor vehicle closer together at the bottom than at the top

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curve upward in the middle

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The active camber control in the F 400 Carving paves the way for an equally new asymmetrical-tread tyre concept.
125,000,000 Camber Master Trust series 10 certificates 'BB/LS3'; Outlook Negative;
WE drove through thunder storms, flash floods, the Friday night rush hour and some beautiful if flat countryside to Camber Sands on the Sussex-Kent border.
Phil Cambers, commercial director, said: "We've now got a very good track record with large organisations, but we're getting more involved with schools and colleges as well now.
Between November 6 and 8 the stars will be out at Pontin's refurbished centres at Camber Sands and Blackpool.
Proceeds from the issuance of Camber Master Trust Series 9 and 10 were used to invest in the credit-linked notes issued by Eirles Limited Two Series 319.
New investors include real estate powerhouses: Simon Property Group, Howard Hughes Corp and Camber Creek
WHILE YOU'RE THERE Take Camber, the hotel dog, for a run along the three-mile long Camber Sands, just across the road from the hotel.
In fact, the camber angle is under computer control.
Camber answered the door of the terrace house when I called.
The jockeys couldn't fault it, and the camber makes a big difference - they really liked the bend.
PLENTY OF POTENTIAL Phil Camber, commercial director of Newcastle virtualisation expert SITS Group
CHICAGO -- Fitch Ratings has downgraded the following series of Camber Master Trust (collectively, Camber) and removed both series from Rating Watch Negative, effective immediately:
Dancers and chorus members include Tiffany Oliver, Shannon Leclercq, Alanna Blair, Nikki Kilker, Yvonne Tally, Hannah Lively, Camber Moen, Jean Paletz, Kayla Hill, Jacquelyn Taurig, Nicole Berra, Juliet Valaer, Eric Rowland, Tamara Wurst, Kimberly Hedman, Daniel Barsky, Margith Trexler, Skyler Tally, Ashley Nathanson, Tori Krupa, Jaren Nathanson and Joshua Di Paola.
GETTING THERE: Steve Shaw stayed in Camber Sands courtesy of Park Resorts, To find out more or to request a brochure Tel: 08701 299 299 www.