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Owen McKenna has a particularly strong team with Power Of God, Camas and Confident Rankin among his hopefuls, while John O'Flynn will have both Dear Pa and Robbiesgoneagain.
Unfortunately, the committee of parents and school people that was asked to come with a name for the new combined school, to be housed in the Harris building, is not enthusiastic about its first choice: Camas Ridge Community School.
Let's grace this page with pungent marigold, though its petals will powder to a sulfur's wings, and opposite, mount a racemed camass stalk, its bulb the sweet squill of proximate shores.
One of our sheep also made it to Coral Bayin Paphos, Cyprus, thanks to Ellen Camass, from Splott, Cardiff.
She was the sole occupant of the car that crashed at Camass, near her home.