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Synonyms for camarilla

a clique (often secret) that seeks power usually through intrigue

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The final phase of the novel takes place in Seville, where the three battle with the Camarilla and finally find the Moor.
Sepoy, the latest addition to that list, is the pick of a hitherto quiet stud record in Australia, and it is surely no coincidence that Sepoy is out of a placed sister to the dam of his other Australian Group 1 winner Camarilla.
Faced by the economic and political costs of realizing his projects elsewhere in Mexico, most notably those of the nationalization of the oil industry, Cardenas eventually compromised even his most cherished program, ceding control over the ejidos to the Yucatecan state government and the official camarilla. Finally, in order to ensure the stability of his regime and of the presidential succession, by 1940 Cardenas reached an understanding with the official camarilla that controlled Yucatecan machine politics.
A former journalist for a left-liberal paper in pre-Bolshevik Russia, he was better educated and arguably more complex than the rest of Stalin's camarilla. While toeing the party line, he repeatedly voiced reservations about specific policies, including the campaigns of terror against the Kulaks.
It is whether his camarilla, his "collective Rasputin," will allow the democratic experience to proceed, accepting the risk of defeat and its consequences.
If you visit, it has an interesting list of synonyms to explain the meaning of hugpong: '(noun) cabal, camarilla, faction, junto; a clique (often secret) that seeks power usually through intrigue; faction, sect; a dissenting clique; (verb) bind; stick to firmly.'
The opening handicap hurdle went the way of Spiriton, who readily accounted for Camarilla by four lengths for trainer Paul Cashman.