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a clique (often secret) that seeks power usually through intrigue

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No horse exerts a greater hold on the Australian bloodstock industry than Danehill and Elusive Quality has clicked with his line; Sepoy and Camarilla are two of nine stakes performers bred on the cross.
Where Lopez y Fuentes's work, Acomodaticio, portrays the selection process from the perspective of a grass-roots camarilla, Palabras mayores shows the process at the highest levels of power.
From repeated disclaimers of the throne to the tensioned relation he had with his family, from the connections that Sovereign has had with big businessmen of that time to the actions and properties held by him, from the royal camarilla and its actions to the reputation of adventurer and extramarital relationship of the Sovereign, from the attempt to discredit the political parties and up to the authoritarian regime of the King, all these were the subjects of defamation of Carol II and the Hohenzollern Sigmaringen family.
The current regime camarilla and its sycophants, nonetheless, thought they would do the current regime a service when they pack charter-jets with antediluvian Egyptian actors and actresses to wage protests in favour for Al-Sisi and against Egypt haters, i.
There's some drum machine on Album A La Mode and a robot voice on Camarilla but the album is held together by rollicking guitars.
Instead, he proved to be a wily leader who capitalized on events such as the student seizure of the American embassy in Tehran in November 1979 to outmaneuver his nominal secular allies and more moderate religious figures to consolidate power--he had already announced the theory of clerical rule known as "guardianship of the jurisprudence" in Najaf in 1970--for his own camarilla.
00), continuing me story of the Camarilla and the challenges that come with their small victories.
But it was Margaret Thatcher who was operating in the Churchillian vein, much to Kirkpatrick's amazement, by sending ships to put paid to the pretensions of the odious General Leopoldo Galtieri and his camarilla.
His first two Kentucky-bred crops, which were bred off a fee of $10,000, contained the top-class colts Elusive City and Smarty Jones while his first Australian crop contained Group 1 winner Camarilla, who is out of a Group 1-winning sister to Sepoy's dam.
Su victoria resulta amarga, sin embargo, pues ha sido cooptado por el sistema colonial y por la camarilla de puertorriquenos pro-norteamericanos que lo rodean y presionan.
78) The Camarilla became closely tied with the newspaper Kreuzzeitung, which became the main conservative news organ.
License issued to Jean Schweitzer and Laura Camarilla.
This anti-race and anti-African stance of the aforementioned camarilla valorizes the imagined continuities that people of African descent shared with America while championing the inevitable excoriation of Africanity and Pan-African consciousness as intellectual and ethical maturity.
Likewise, although Gerwarth points out that the men who eventually installed Hitler as Chancellor and formed his initial cabinet all admired Bismarck, ultimately, Hindenburg, who continued to deride Hitler as that little "Bohemian corporal," was persuaded to appoint Hitler because "Hindenburg and his camarilla urgently needed a broad popular basis for their authoritarian politics" (p.