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(botany) the whorl of sepals of a flower collectively forming the outer floral envelope or layer of the perianth enclosing and supporting the developing bud

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India, May 20 -- Chinese manufacturer ZTE has set its sights on the Indian smartphone and tablet market as it teams with Pune-based Calyx Telecoms, which will be marketing ZTE smartphone s and tablets in the country.
Calyx will initially invest a[sup.1] 500 crore for the marketing and distribution of ZTE products.
(1) The Outer Side of Calyx. Two types of glandular trichomes are distributed on the outside surface of calyx, namely, peltate ones and capitate ones (Figure 4(a)).
A 0.38 floppy-tipped guide wire was advanced into the chosen calyx, and tract dilatation was performed after opacification of the PCS with the contrast medium in a retrograde fashion under fluoroscopic guidance, using Alken dilators up to 27 Fr.
Provider of loan marketing, originating and processing software Calyx Software announced on Tuesday that it has expanded the Calyx Network with an interface update.
Thin, sinuous anticlinal, beaded cell wall is found in Salvia aegyptiaca, Salvia deserti has thin,anticlinal straight cell wall at the veins and sinuous in between the veins of both calyx and corolla while Salvia spinosa show similar cell wall as present in Salvia aegyptiaca.
When the calyx has separated from the fruit easily, the fruit is ripe.
Police said Schenecker told them she shot Beau on on the way back from football practice because "he talked back" then drove home and shot Calyx in the back of the head as she sat at her computer.
Lliw oren oedd rheini hefyd ond gyda gwawr goch yn agos i'r cylchddail (calyx).
London, United Kingdom, September 08, 2010 --( The Calyx Group and its subsidiaries were placed into administration on 3 September 2010 with the appointment to the UK and Northern Ireland entities of Joint Administrators Geoff Rowley and Phil Armstrong, partners at FRP Advisory LLP, the restructuring, recovery and insolvency firm.
At the heart of a west Edinburgh "Garden District" is The Calyx, which the developers hope will become a centre of excellence for horticulture training and education, including gardens, displays and play areas.
The calyx which may be green, light or dark- red is used as a vegetable or for food and beverages preservation in food industries (Clydesdale et al., 1979; Aina and Shodipe, 2006).
Stem, peel, flesh, seeds, and calyx - the straggly bit at the bottom where the flower used to be-were analyzed separately.
The precise identification of the posterior calyx can be difficult and to overcome this problem it has been suggested that a trainee has to perform about 24 PCNL-procedures to obtain a good proficiency, similarly to become a competent in the same procedure he has to perform 60 cases, and excellence can be obtained at >100 cases9.