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the hood or cap covering the calyx of certain plants: e

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Among several features, Cryphaeaceae has long been described as having oval leaf cells, slightly differentiated alar cells, short seta, immersed capsule, papillose peristome teeth throughout, conic operculum, and mitrate calyptra (Buck, 1998; Sharp et al., 1994).
Cross walls are not distinct; the terminal cell is round and without calyptra.
Capsule shows a long beaked lid with smooth calyptra.
The sporangium is usually covered by a hairy calyptra (caplike spore case covering) that is yellowish or light brown.
Corolla fusion [additive]: free petals (polypetalous) = 0; fused at the base (basally gamopetalous) = 1; fused with lobes (gamopetalous) = 2; fully fused, no lobes (gamopetalous) = 3; fused distally (calyptra) = 4.
Stem diameter (SD) at the hypocotyl; plant height (PH) measured from the base of the stem to the last leaf insertion; longest root length (LRL), from the calyptra to the base of the stem; shoot and root dry mass (SDM, RDM) and RDM:SDM ratio were determined 90 days after sowing.
If nothing else, the sprays may loosen some of the calyptra (the caps on top of the flowers) and other material that might interfere with pollination.