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rare north temperate bog orchid bearing a solitary white to pink flower marked with purple at the tip of an erect reddish stalk above 1 basal leaf

(Greek mythology) the sea nymph who detained Odysseus for seven years

References in classic literature ?
And Minerva said, "Father, son of Saturn, King of kings, if, then, the gods now mean that Ulysses should get home, we should first send Mercury to the Ogygian island to tell Calypso that we have made up our minds and that he is to return.
He chucks Chambermaid (the Right Honourable Lord Southdown) under the chin; she seems to deplore his absence, as Calypso did that of that other eminent traveller Ulysses.
Excelian has a proven track record of successful Calypso delivery, and this partnership will unlock new synergies between Excelians delivery capability and Calypsos technical innovation.
This is an excellent opportunity for both firms, commented Pascal Xatart, Calypsos Chief Executive Officer.
Excelian, Luxoft Financial Services, and Calypso Technology, a leading provider of capital markets software, have announced an agreement which formally recognises Excelian as an official Calypso partner.
En un inicio, tocan solamente estandarts internacionales del calypso, pero con el tiempo van incorporando calypsos limonenses y surgen calypsonians en estas agrupaciones que aportan creaciones propias.
El calypso es un canto narrativo que describe y comenta acontecimientos actuales e historicos del vecindario y del mundo entero.