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rare north temperate bog orchid bearing a solitary white to pink flower marked with purple at the tip of an erect reddish stalk above 1 basal leaf

(Greek mythology) the sea nymph who detained Odysseus for seven years

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En un inicio, tocan solamente estandarts internacionales del calypso, pero con el tiempo van incorporando calypsos limonenses y surgen calypsonians en estas agrupaciones que aportan creaciones propias.
Those calypsonians still resolutely loyal to their "tribe" and in particular Williams's mouthpiece, the Mighty Sparrow, could not resist the opportunity to defend "the doctor" and in the process to depict the Creole nationalist movement as an Afro-creole movement.
Feb 4-March 15: 2006 Carnival in Dominica, launched with a National Parade, including Queen Contestants, Calypsonians, Princess Show Contestants, popular band performances, people in sensay costumes, the blackies, stilt walkers (moko jumbies), cheerleaders, company floats and costumed bands on the street, weaving their way to Carnival City.
From the horse's mouth: an analysis of certain significant aspects in the development of the calypso and society as gleaned from personal communication with some outstanding calypsonians.
Coined in 1983 by three Nigerian critics-Chinweizu, Onwuchekwa femme, and Ihechuckwu Madubuike-orature denotes the form of literature most amenable to implementation by socio-politically marginalized, racial and religious minorities, and post-colonial peoples, many of whom may never "get into print," but almost all of whom readily "comeinvoice:' Thus, "Dub" poets, Spoken Word poets, Hip-Hop rhymesters, Calypsonians, singer-songwriters (including the 2004 Nobel Prize for Literature nominee Bob Dylan), "storytellers" (hear Lousie-Miss Lou-Bennett of Jamaica), folklore presenters, orators (Malcolm X, Angela Davis, Fidel Castro, etc.
Jean and Dinah Who Have Been Locked Away in a World Famous Disco Since 1956 Speak Their Minds Publicly by Tony Hall (with Rhoma Spencer and Susan Sandiford) radically redefines black womanhood with the portraits of two female calypsonians.
One of the highlights of carnival is a performance by 15 musicians from the Association of British Calypsonians.
For other popular cultural artists with a Caribbean heritage, such as dub poets and traditional calypsonians (who are often seen as social prophets), and reggae artists with a Garveyestic or Rastafarian motif, such as Bob Marley and Winston Rodney, alias Burning Spears, the term Babylon became a more dominant metaphor for depicting the whole experience of oppression and the struggle of black people in the West, and in the so-called third world.
Kitchener's lineup included popular calypsonians Mighty Killer, Lord Zigfield, and Spoiler, but until the doors opened, no one knew who would prevail.
The most productive male and female cane cutters are named King and Queen of the festival and the Pic-O-De-Crop calypso competition pits "tents" of calypsonians against one another for the Party and Road March Monarch titles.
The chapters are necessarily wide ranging and consider, in order, whether Williams was a democrat or an autocrat, what the calypsonians thought of him, how Williams assessed his own record in 1980, corruption and sleaze surrounding his governments, controversies surrounding his final days and unexpected death, and the views of some of those close to him as to his character, including importantly those of his daughter Erica.
In "Man talking to Man," Rohlehr notes in the 1970s, even the calypsonians, staunch black nationalists, and PnM loyalists, could no longer reconcile the dissonances between rhetoric and reality, and began to conclude that "madness" was the explanation for the "bewilderng paradoxes of civic life.
While Gadsby treats some male writers who, like Lovelace, have for the most part remained in the Caribbean, she gives no attention to Caribbean women writers who write from that base, with the exception of the calypsonians.
Lord Kitchener and the Mighty Sparrow may not be known as well worldwide as Bob Marley, but the calypsonians are international stars of contemporary song nonetheless.
In this way, the calypsonians avoid the need for hard currency to pay to have their records pressed in New York" (p.