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Calycine colleters of seven species of Apocynaceae(Apocynoideae) from Brazil.
Calycine colleters absent; corolla salveriform; corolla-lobe aestivation usually sinistrorse (dextrorse in Kopsia, Neisosperma, and Ochrosia); corona absent; style head usually with stigmatic region beneath basal collar; disc normally present; ovary apocarpous (in some Rauvolfia spp.
Leaves opposite; calycine colleters present or absent; corolla salveriform; corolline corona absent; corolla-lobe aestivation almost always sinistrorse; apical connective appendages of anthers often scarcely developed; style head usually with stigmatic region beneath basal collar, sometimes body uniformly receptive; ovary congenitally syncarpous; disc mostly adnate or indistinct from ovary.
Calycine colleters mostly present, often multiseriate; corolla salveriform or rarely funnelform; corolla lobes often in-flexed in bud; aestivation almost always sinistrorse; corona mostly absent; anthers with lignified guide rails; style head with stigmatic region beneath basal collar or flange and usually with (often 5-ribbed) upper wreath or style head subglobose and without basal collar and upper wreath and body uniformly receptive; ovary apocarpous or syncarpous; disc adnate, indistinct, or free.
Calycine colleters mostly present, often multiseriate, rarely absent; corolla salveriform; corolla-lobe aestivation sinistrorse; corona absent; style head uniformly receptive, ovoid to narrowly clavate, with neither basal collar nor upper wreath but often with slender, elongate nonreceptive apices; ovary apocarpous, 2-5-carpellate; disc adnate or indistinct.
Calycine colleters absent or present; corolla salveriform or funnelform; corolla-lobe aestivation sinistrorse; corolline corona often present below the petal sinuses behind stamen (usually much dissected in Allamanda) and infrastaminal appendages generally present; anther connective often broadened and with elongate apical extension; style head mostly with basal collar or lobes (no distinct basal collar in Plumeria, Himatanthus, or Mortoniella), mostly without upper wreath (well-developed upper wreath present in Allamanda) but often with free apices conspicuously enlarged; ovary apocarpous or syncarpous at the very base (postgenitally syncarpous in Allamanda), hemiinferior in Plumeria, Himalatanthus, and Mortoniellar; disc absent or present.