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of or relating to or resembling a calyx

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The role of ESWL treatment for lower calyceal stones has always been controversial.
In the rare event of being confronted with a horseshoe kidney for transplantation, careful consideration should be given to vascular, calyceal and ureteric anomalies as these may influence decision making.
After an unremarkable ultrasound, she was conservatively managed for renal colic, until repeated episodes of pain prompted an MRI showing calyceal rupture and leak.
Visnjic, "Calyceal plication with Anderson-Hynes pyeloplasty in a 7-year-old boy with giant hydronephrosis of a single right kidney," European Journal of Pediatric Surgery, vol.
Initial CT scan showed a 6 mm obstructing right proximal ureteral stone causing mild hydronephrosis and a 2 cm left inferior pole partial staghorn calculus causing calyceal dilatation (Figure 2).
Along with small calyceal stones, there was bilateral, quite symmetrical perinephric "rind-like" soft tissue infiltration.
The radiographical and pathological findings suggest that RMC probably originates in the calyceal epithelium in or near the renal papillae, which could be the result of chronic ischemic damage in the renal papillae epithelium by sickled erythrocytes.
Postpyelonephritic renal scars can be easily distinguished because they usually overlay the medullary pyramids with calyceal clubbing due to the retraction of the papilla from the scar (Figure 8).
PCNL is also used forcalyceal diverticular calculi, upper calyceal calculi with infundibular stenosis, and a lower calyx >10 mm, which cannot be completely removed by ESWL (2-5).
(2) If singular, this stone is often multifaceted and large--said to be staghorn in shape; but often it can be multiple stones that fragment to fill up and conform to the shape of the renal calyceal system.
Whole-cell dialysis of calyceal terminals with glutamate-free solution decreases the amplitude of EPsCs because of time-dependent glutamate leakage out of vesicles and a use-dependent increase in the number of empty vesicles after recycling (Fig.
Calyceal diverticulum is a urine filled cavity connected to the renal calyx or the renal pelvis by a narrowed opening.
The kidneys showed calyceal dilatation of the infundibula or renal pelvis.
Making a puncture is the rst step in PCNL and can be described as key step7 which has been performed routinely by uoroscopy.8 Other guidance modalities for calyceal access are computed tomography9 especially if there is abnormal calyceal anatomy and ultrasonography.10 The main disadvantage of uoroscopy is radiation exposure to the patient and medical personnel.