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giving birth to a calf

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Influence of the year and calving season on production, composition and mozzarella cheese yield of water buffalo in the State of Rio Grande Do Norte, Brazil, Italian J.
Not only did it give him an accurate date for calving, enabling him to be better prepared for the calving season, he was able to keep a closer eye on calf health as they were all in the shed together.
And scientists have documented a troubling trend in the region: More caribou calves appear to be dying early in years when the spring plant growth preceded the caribou's calving season.
The statistical model used in the genetic evaluation of animals for milk traits included the fixed effects of herd, year of calving, calving season, genetic composition and age of the dam at calving; and, as random effects, in addition to the residue, the effect of animal (cow, mother and father) and the permanent effect of environment.
The median parturition date (19 May) and predominant calving season (14-25 May) were similar to those identified previously in New Hampshire (Musante et al.
Illnesses, including respiratory and digestive ailments, are by far the largest causes of cattle losses in Oregon, according to the USDA, which has suggested that cattlemen focus on disease prevention, nutrition and providing timely assistance to cows during calving season if they want to reduce livestock losses.
Growing up on a cattle farm, I found calving season a nervous time.
It was noted through the principal component analysis that the three characteristics were important to explain the variation in the data when considering the age and calving season of the cow, simultaneously.
Caribou that were on the Beverly calving grounds were more likely to die before the next calving season than caribou that moved to the Ahiak calving grounds.
The Llyndy herd of Welsh Black Cattle has also increased after a successful calving season.
No differences were observed among treatments in the proportion of females pregnant (d 28: P = 0.94, d 56: P = 0.36, and d 90: P = 0.19) There were also no differences in calving date in the calving season (P = 0.76) as well as no differences in distribution of calves born in 21 day calving intervals (P = 0.49).
In general, breeding dominated by young males tends to increase the length of the breeding season and calving season (Noyes et al., 1996; Larkin et al., 2002).
Linear mixed models for days open, lactation MP and cow's metabolic weight were similar and included the same four fixed environmental effects: breed of cow, calving year, calving season and lactation number.
We conducted a prospective study in dromedary herds in Al-Hasa, Saudi Arabia, through the peak calving season (December 2013-February 2014) to document virologic features of MERS-CoV infection in these animals.