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giving birth to a calf

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During the calving season the mother becomes more protective and can be dangerous.
It just becomes a very expensive ordeal,'' said Sloan, 51, who estimated he spent $36,000 for hay during last year's calving season.
During the calving season (May-July) each female was located from the ground and approached every third day to determine the number of calves born.
Arwyn Williams turned to science after a difficult calving season in 2012 at Hendre Nantcyll, Pant Glas, Garndolbenmaen.
The effect of dystocia on 305-d milk, fat and protein yield was determined using multiple regression mixed models in SAS (2003) through the inclusion of dystocia, parity, herd, calving year, calving season, birth number, FCA, calf birth weight and random effect of dam's sire.
It's also calving season for the camels, so many of the young will be around.
Decisions will need to be made ahead of this autumn's calving season to make sure any pre-1996 are not put back in calf as there is a risk they could still have a calf at foot or be in calf as the scheme finishes.
Even if you never let your guard down, you'll still probably get within a few steps of a rattler at some point during our calving season searches," DeBerti said.
I'm waiting to see how she fares next calving season.
Classes will "sponsor" a cow and take "virtual" field trips to the farm using wireless, real-time streaming video to monitor the calving season and study food intake and milk production.
He lodged in the village but also stayed at the Pontystllod farm, where he worked for over a decade as a stock man and tractor driver during calving season.
Least square means (LSM) of gestation length subject to calving season, calving number, calf weight and sex and housing system Specification Gestation length (d) n LSM SD Calving season Fall-winter 900 279.
Just as we approach the main lambing and calving season ( when good weather would be such a bonus for everyone ( how typical that temperatures should plummet
Lest I be accused of underfeeding my cattle, I plan on their losing some weight during winter to get them in good condition to go into the next spring and calving season.
Effect of calving season on metabolic status of buffaloes (Mean [+ or -] SE) Parameters Season Pre-partum -60 d Glucose Winter 61.