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giving birth to a calf

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The new calving records were classified according to the maximum a posteriori probability:
We found the highest Se on the training set of calving records (0.6512 to 0.6977) for ANN, although no statistically significant differences in Se existed among models.
A total of 9745 calving records of graded Murrah dairy buffaloes between 2005-2010 were screened retrospectively for peripartum reproductive disorders viz.
The data set consisted of 55,577 calving records on 30,879 Holstein cows in 30 dairy herds for the period March 2000 to April 2009.
Shafique and Usman (1996) reported from 383 calving records of a herd of Nili-Ravi buffaloes maintained at LES, Islamabad (rain-fed area) over a period of 18 years (1976-94).