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A thick snow cover or ice layers, or both, may result in deterioration of reindeer condition, lowering the calving percentage and decreasing the body weight of calves (Lee et al., 2000; Sol-berg et al., 2001; Kumpula and Colpaert, 2003; Helle and Kojola, 2008).
A significant relationship ([r.sup.2] = 0.276, p = 0.001, df = 37) between the July temperature and calving percentage was found for the Hammastunturi reindeer-herding cooperative: the higher the July mean temperature, the lower the calving percentage (Fig.
And according to the NBA, the next step should be to establish Scotland's actual calving percentage, based on the number of calves produced over a 12-month period against the number of breeding cows, and set about improving it through a nationally co-ordinated programme on cow and bull infertility and all its causes.
"Currently the national calving percentage, perhaps the most important production statistic in the Scottish beef industry, can only be guessed at," said Ms Haywood.
After all, even a marginal improvement in calving percentage can have a dramatic impact on the beef operation's bottom line.
It had also resulted in low milk yields, huge losses of livestock and poor lambing and calving percentages - all on top of significant drops in returns.
How quickly the cattle industry turns around the drop in beef cattle inventory will be tied not just to feed supply and price; but to management, specifically strong herd fertility and good pregnancy and calving percentages. Judith L.