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giving birth to a calf

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Doug Gray said he accepted that this may not be sufficient incentive for many dairymen to switch their calving pattern, given the extra costs and hassle involved, not to mention the need to continually account for annual slippage where calving indices average over 365 days.
David Thomas, who farms at Penwern, Llanspyddid, near Brecon, said he was determined to improve his own calving pattern, as calves born later than the first six weeks calving period would not be big enough for the Brecon and Radnor autumn sales.
The 80-day period from calving to conception is crucial to maintaining a tight annual calving pattern.
Pure bred Stabiliser heifers are bulled at 15 months to calve at two years old and the Geldards are experiencing lower feed costs and management benefits with good temperament as well as fertility improvements and a tighter calving pattern.
We grow three hectares of kale for grazing towards the end of the summer when grass stocks can run a bit short," said Paul, adding that maintaining dry matter intakes throughout the year is vital because the herd's calving pattern is spread in order to produce a level supply of milk.
Look at your current calving pattern, is this the right one?
Labour is at a premium, and maintaining a tight calving pattern is another way of improving our efficiency," Rod says.