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The calving interval is less than the values reported in other studies (Ahmad et al., 1981; Gabr, 2015) involving the Nili-Ravi breed (506.6-570.6 days) and Egyptian water buffaloes (458.0-541.1 days) but more than the values reported in some other studies (Vasconcellos and Tonhati, 1998; Tekerli et al., 2001; Malhado et al., 2013) involving Murrah (385-411 days) and Anatolian buffaloes (441.97 days).
The researchers found the calving interval for the study herds was 14 months.
Extended lactations may occur due to longer calving intervals.
This efficiency can be achieved through positive interactions between genetic, health, nutritional, and reproductive parameters (Pereira et al., 2013), and calving intervals of 345 to 365 days (Borges et al., 2009).
Applying these approaches, most important input variables for CART included the duration between calving and conception, calving interval and the difference between the mean body condition score and condition score at artificial insemination (Grzesiak et al., 2011).
The insufficiencies in insemination also extended the cows' service period and mean calving interval. Simmental cows completed the involution process earlier, they were taken to insemination earlier, and completed their pregnancies 2.88 days earlier than Swiss Brown cows.
The fertility traits selected for this study were success in first service (SF), gestation length (GL), number of inseminations (NI), insemination outcome (IO), calving interval (CI), calving birth weight (CBW) and days open (DO).
The latest BCMS (British Cattle Movement Service) data shows that the average calves per lifetime is currently 5.4, with an average calving interval of 432 days.
[6], using data from Holstein cows found similar results, reporting that the genetic correlation for first-lactation milk and calving interval (CI) was unfavorable.
* Upgrading of breed potential and high-quality management will increase conception rate, growth rate, and milk yield and diminish calving interval.
According to the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS), the average calving interval on a Welsh farm is 446 days, compared with the best practice of 370 days - a difference of 76 days.
* Samuel Hirt, Auburn University, Alabama, is using stable isotope and trace element analyses in baleen to determine calving interval and pregnancy rate of bowhead whales;
Quite often, key indicators of success of these programs were based on averages, such as for DIM at first AI, days open and calving interval.
* Achieving conception in cows by 80 days postcalving to maintain a 12-month calving interval.