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giving birth to a calf

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"It's been a crucial part of the process when it comes to knowing when to AI the cows," he said "The key to promoting higher yields is to reduce calving index and get higher pregnancy rates which we are working towards with an improved heat detection system.
And it is home to the "super cow" - Troedrhiw Samuela Jazmine - who was awarded most points for inspection, calving index and financial value over three lactations.
Average somatic cell count (SCC) and calving index continued to rise across all breeds.
DATA published by NMR - previously known as National Milk Records - shows that an increase in the calving index could cost dairy farmers money.
Impressively, the calving index has also been tightened from 420 to 370.
Conception rates are high with a calving index of 380-285 days for the year-round calving herd, which relies mainly on natural service.
'Feed costs per litre are lower than before, fertility is better as our calving index has dropped,' says Edward.