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our study shows that these two species were once part of the Mediterranean marine ecosystem and probably used the sheltered basin as a calving ground."
Released in late 2004, Being Caribou tells the story of a young couple, Leanne Allison and Karsten Heuer, as they travel by skis and on foot, shadowing the Porcupine caribou herd as it treks to calving grounds in the Arctic Refuge.
Available survey results indicate significant overlap of calving grounds for the Bathurst and Ahiak herds in some years, especially on the eastern side of Bathurst Inlet (e.g., Heard and Stenhouse, 1992; Gunn and D'Hont, 2002; GNWT, 2006; Dumond, 2007; GN, 2011; Nesbitt and Adamczewski, 2009; Gunn et al., 2011; Nagy et al., 2011) (Figs.
Many of these communities have also called for a ban on mining in Nunavut's caribou calving grounds: the Sayisi Dene First Nation, Northlands First Nation, the Athabasca Denesuline Negotiating Team, the Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation, the Northwest Territories Metis Nation, and the Fort Smith Metis Council.
Calving ground distribution surveys in northern Canada typically use 8% survey coverage, albeit of calving grounds where calving is gregarious, and while not intended to estimate population size, trends in estimated density on calving grounds can be determined using corrections for sightability (Nishi et al.
At the centre of the proposal, however, are calving grounds for the roving Bathurst caribou herd, a population that has fallen tenfold in recent decades to about 30,000 animals at the last count in 2009.
Stone, an author, educator, and artist, tells the story of a North Atlantic right whale, inspired by a female whale named Arpeggio chronicled in the New England Aquarium North Atlantic Right Whale Catalog and the people who worked to protect her threatened migration routes along the eastern US and her calving grounds off the coasts of Georgia and Florida.
That was the same wind that brought an unusually high number of icebergs from their calving grounds off the west coast of the world's largest island -- and it was one of those that dealt the decisive glancing gash to the White Star liner's hull.
In summer, Sami herders bring their reindeer to calving grounds and grazing pastures in coastal or other low-lying areas.
Each year in Wyoming a herd of pronghorn makes the longest land-mammal migration in the continental United States, moving between calving grounds in Grand Teton National Park and wintering areas north of Yellowstone National Park.
We have both resident and transient pods of orcas, and twice a year, grey whales pass by as they migrate between their Alaskan feeding grounds and their calving grounds in the Gulf of California in Baja California.
Gray whales are starting their return migration from their calving grounds in Baja to their north Pacific range.
Canada opposes ANWR development, arguing a need to protect the calving grounds of a caribou herd heavily used by Gwich'in in both countries.
Humpbacks, which take their name from the ''hump'' in front of their small dorsal fin, annual migrate from warm, low-latitude breeding and calving grounds to cooler, high-latitude feeding grounds this time of year, but Hung said the route they take in this part of the world is usually near the Philippines.
"Being Caribou: Five Months on Foot with an Arctic Herd" follows their journey across countless rivers, mountain ranges, and passes for a thousand mile journey to the Caribou's ancestral calving grounds and then all of that over again so they can return home.