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giving birth to a calf

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Stillbirth (co)variance components for a sire-maternal grandsire threshold model and development of a calving ability index for sire selection.
In Wales the average age of heifers at first calving is 35 months - 11 months more than recommended by industry experts, said Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC).
Each host farm will track a group of 10 calves from birth to calving, and along the way closely monitor their health, nutrition and growth.
Predicted calving dates can only be determined by pregnancy diagnosis (unless AI has been used) and SAC Consulting strongly urges producers who have not already had their herd pregnancy diagnosed to do so as quickly as possible.
Key words: Alaska, avoidance, calving caribou, distribution, habituation, oilfields, Rangifer tarandus, road surveys, snowmelt
"Back in the early 1990s the Holstein had started to have such an impact on the crossbred replacement cows we were sourcing that we were having to buy in extreme bulls to compensate for that dairy influence which in turn led to calving difficulties and associated problems.
Keywords: calving site, disturbance, GIS, GPS, habitat, modified clearcut, moose, patch cuts, progressive clearcut, radio collars, site fidelity, timber harvest
Remember, successful dairy farming is not all about milk yields, calves are important because they grow to become the replacement stock with which you can plan expansion of your dairy enterprise.The first way to know the expected date of calving is by adding seven to the day of service and nine to the month of service.
Investigation of properties of the melange and underlying waters in front of the calving front at Jakobshavn Glacier in west Greenland via airborne probes from a hovering helicopter.
Cows were divided into 4 age groups according to the order of calving (1, 2, 3, 4 and further) and heifers due to their age during delivery in months: <24 and [greater than or equal to] 24 months.
Studies have been carried out in different countries with different water buffalo breeds in order to calculate repeatability of milk yield, milk composition and calving intervals (Cady et al.,1983; Babar et al.,1996; Tekerli et al., 2001; Thevamanoharan et al., 2001; Ramos et al., 2006; Morammazi et al., 2007; Marai et al., 2009; Baharizadeh et al., 2012; Malhado et al., 2013; El-Bramony, 2015).
The sale included some cows which have been served again including a January calving third lactation cows which sold to PS1,680 giving 35, closely followed by a fifth Lactation February calving cow which sold for PS1,550.
"We calve heifers in November, which gives them time to recover from their first calving before joining the January herd, while cows are calved in two batches from January to mid-February and April to the end of June," said Robbie.
If vaccinated a few weeks before they start calving, the antibody level in their colostrum will be highest.