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giving birth to a calf

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Regardless of timber harvesting effects, our results also indicate that calving site fidelity of cow moose differed according to past reproductive success (Fig.
This will allow the additional magnesium to be targeted more accurately to only those animals in late pregnancy (for example by introducing them at a later date for groups of later calving cows).
So far he has found it a great help with the last of his spring calving cows in his 140-cow suckler herd at Llysun, Llanerfyl.
The first vessel-based survey of dolphins recently carried out by the Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi (EAD) found two newborn calves of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, which indicate that the dolphin calving season may occur in late spring or early summer in the emirate.
Blelack Black Beret shows exceptional EBVs for Direct Calving Ease, being in the top 1% of the breed, and 200, 400 and 600-Day Weight EBVs all in the top 10% of the breed.
Age at first calving is an important factor in reducing cost of rearing replacements in dairy herds (Ettema and Santos, 2004).
Age at first calving was estimated as the difference between the day a calf was born and the day it first calved.
These Charolais bulls are siring commercial calves with that unrivalled weight for age and accompanying good conformation, and there is also a trend within the breed population to move towards easier calving bulls with a shorter gestation length.
I was recently called to a calving where I was presented with four legs.
Blood was drawn from the jugular vain of all mother cows 24h before and at parturition time and from their calves at calving time and 24, 48 and 72h after birth.
Moose (Alces alces) calving site studies have typically been conducted by searching for parturition sites 3-4 days after birth (Leptich and Gilbert 1986, Langley and Pletscher 1994, Bowyer et al.
It also found that calving ease was maintained, with 90% being born with little or no assistance.
Lameness, mastitis and welfare at calving are concerns for dairy farmers but the industry is responding.
Gestation length is partly t matter of genetics; some breeds and family lines within breeds tend to have longer or shorter gestation lengths, and this is a factor in calving ease.
Thomas, an eastern Idaho rancher and author of 18 previous books, guides readers through situations likely to arise before, during, and after calving, covering from routine births to nursing difficulties.