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"Since I was born, I used to see my father sacrifice an animal every month and after any successful commercial deal, as a merchant my father used to sacrifice calves not only in Eid Al-Adha, and I inherited this habit from him," Faten Salah El-Din, the chairman a car agency told Daily News Egypt.
Remember, successful dairy farming is not all about milk yields, calves are important because they grow to become the replacement stock with which you can plan expansion of your dairy enterprise.The first way to know the expected date of calving is by adding seven to the day of service and nine to the month of service.
Calves born to thin cows may not be strong and slower to get up and nurse.
"Although some calves needed extra help, most were on their feet and suckling without any fuss involved," he said.
The average age of heifers at first calving is 35 months in Wales, 11 months older than recommended by industry experts Calving at the recommended age of 24 months could yield another two calves per cow per lifetime for an average 25-strong Welsh herd.
Hall, who first began observing Beverly caribou in 1971, noted an overall decline in relative numbers of calves on the Beverly summer range after 1997.
Calves which are too large to calve normally need to be born by caesarean - and I'll tell you more about them next week.
They consisted of weighing the calves and zoom measurements with a tape and a zoometric stick, i.e.
'They were selling calves' meat, we saved at least 150 buffalo calves from being slaughtered, the meat was being supplied to a number of restaurants in the name of mutton,' the team claimed.
5pm: Bring calves in for evening, feed donkeys, cats and dogs.
KWS said Kenya has never had any case where elephant calves are deliberately separated from their mothers for rearing by humans.
Blood samples for mineral analysis, hematological and biochemical parameters were collected from calves born from these copper injected dams at 0, 15th and 30th days and also from calves born from dams kept as control at the same interval.
In the present experiment, 60 Droughtmaster xlocal yellow cattle crossbred newly born calves (with in [+ or -] 3 d) were weighed, and left suckling on dams for adequate colostrum for the first 3 days.
PESHAWAR -- The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety and Halal Food Authority has banned the slaughter of calves in the province.