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the dome of the skull

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27) Furthermore, in vitro studies in primary rat calvarias cells have shown that fetuin-A inhibits mineralization by blocking basic Ca-P precipitation and regulating the formation of apatite during this process.
5,6) Within the calvaria, the two most commonly affected bones are the parietal bone and the frontal bone in that order; lesions have also been documented in the occipital bone and the petrous temporal bone.
Sakurai, Maclura Pomifera Agglutinin-Binding Glyco-conjugates on Converted Apatite from Synthetic Octacalcium Phosphate Implanted into Subperiosteal Region of Mouse Calvaria, Bone Miner.
Cranial characters include (1) wide nasal apertures (African), (2) narrow nasal apertures (Caucasoid), (3) wide interorbital distances (African), (4) no nasal sill (African), (5) pointed nasal spine (Caucasoid), (6) palate wide and often rectangular (African), (7) palate narrow and triangular (Caucasoid), (8) curved suture between the zygomatic and maxilla (Caucasoid), (9) edge-to-edge incisal occlusion (Asian), (10) slight overbite (Caucasoid), (11) anterior projecting zygomatics (Asian), (12) flattened facial skeleton (Asian), (13) prognathous facial skeleton (African), (14) circular orbits (Asian), (15) rectangular orbits (African) and (16) shovel-shaped incisors (Asian), (17) lighter and relatively smaller facial bones (Caucasoid), and (18) rounded calvaria (Asian).
The skull base, calvaria and orbit are commonly affected by dysplasia of the sphenoid bone.
Davidoff-Dyke-Masson syndrome (DDMS) is characterized by variable degrees of unilateral loss of cerebral volume and compensatory changes of the calvaria [1-3].
Reverse transcription-PCR analyses showed that mouse GPRC6A is widely expressed in mouse tissues; including bone, calvaria, and the osteoblastic cell line MC3T3-E1 (57).
In comparison, in a diabetic mouse skull, the calvaria were covered with a larger area of red colour (0.
NEWS, July 12, 1993, at 3, 23 (quoting an anonymous New Mexico abortion provider, "I have angry feelings at myself for feeling good about grasping the calvaria (head), for feeling good about doing a technically good procedure which destroys a fetus, kills a baby.
The helmet was worn almost continuously for approximately 1 year to overcome the propensity of the calvaria to revert to its preoperative shape as the bone reossifies.
The Calvaria major is a tree that died with the dodo bird.
In 84% of the patients with JAOF, the tumors are located in the facial bones, but calvaria (12%) and extracranial sites (4%) can be involved.
The ultrasound evaluations assessed calvaria shape, a four-chamber view of the heart, outflow tracts, three-vessel cord, hands, feet, cisterna magna size, fetal biometry, and amniotic fluid volume.