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Synonyms for caltrop

tropical annual procumbent poisonous subshrub having fruit that splits into five spiny nutlets

Mediterranean annual or biennial herb having pinkish to purple flowers surrounded by spine-tipped scales

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Though we have a great degree of refuge from neighbours, due to the bush on our block and the hilly, rocky terrain, when you're up there pulling caltrop, you are in full prospect.
Water vegetation, particularly Trapa natans (water caltrop) or the water chestnut, thrives in ponds fertilized by night soil (human feces).
>50 species of freshwater crab and crayfish; freshwater habitats with stagnant or slow-moving water (ponds, aquaculture) Intestinal Fasciolopsis buski Water caltrop, water chestnut, flukes water hyacinth, water bamboo, duckweed, water mimosa, water spinach; drainage systems of pig farms, freshwater habitats with stagnant or slow-moving waters Echinostoma spp.
Water chestnuts, the root of the water caltrop, are actually a tuber that is crisp and white, and firm textured.
Vowing to transform himself into a metaphorical 'Calthrop' (a variant of 'caltrop', 'an iron ball armed with four sharp prongs' [OED 2]) in order to harm his country's 'feet', the dejected scholar promises to 'pricke' those 'feet' that currently 'tread' on him (2.2.128-9).
Joan, though taunted by the English and wounded in the foot by a caltrop (a spiked ball left to cripple horses), led her men into battle, calling "go forward boldly in the name of God!" Inspired by her extraordinary courage, the French waded through the storm of arrows and successfully assailed the English stronghold.
STIRLING Installation of security doors and door entry system to block of flats including formation of concrete platt at building shell, 5 Bridgehaugh Road for Link Group Ltd; Extension to rear and single storey gable extension at 60 Caltrop Place, Balquhidderock FK7 7XS for Mr Andrew Strathie; Extension to rear of house at 74 Randolph Road FK8 2AR for Mr and Mrs Webster; Removal and rebuild of unstable south chimney using all salvaged stones and augmenting with new stone where necessary and the removal and rebedding of crow stepped gables on east and west elevations atThe Argyll Centre, Princes Street FK8 1HQ for Stirling Council.
Operators: The new operators are called Caltrop and Dazzler.
I will do my walk around the block before starting to pull caltrop. It will take me half an hour, maybe forty minutes.
"A blue Audi hatchback was seen in the Claymore Drive and Caltrop Place area around the time of the robbery and we are keen to identify the driver.
Nineteen-year-old Matthew Shaw, of Caltrop Place, had also punched and injured a male who had been making his way home from a night out in the city centre.
Matthew Shaw, of Caltrop Place, admitted two charges of assault when he appeared at Stirling Sheriff Court on Monday - one of them an assault to injury.
Sharpened metal "caltrop" stars caught by rotating engine parts could cut coolant lines and drive belts or perforate radiators.