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Synonyms for caltrop

tropical annual procumbent poisonous subshrub having fruit that splits into five spiny nutlets

Mediterranean annual or biennial herb having pinkish to purple flowers surrounded by spine-tipped scales

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Or Commemorations of the Famous Lives and Deaths, of the Two Right Honourable Knights of England: the Right Honourable Sir Walter Mildmay, and Sir Martin Calthrop, Lord Mayor of this Honorable Citty of London, who Deceased this Yeere 1589.
on Christmas Day "from all stations" by Donald Calthrop.
With Rex Harrison, Robert Newton, Emlyn Williams, Marue Lohr, Deborah Kerr, Sybil Thorndike, Felix Aylmer, David Tree, Penelope Dudley Ward, Donald Calthrop.
It also shows that, like Cole Porter, Coward was something of a sapphophile; his numerous affectionate tributes to Hall, and to his coterie of lesbian or bisexual associates (his designer Gladys Calthrop, novelist and playwright Clemence Dane and actress Gertrude Lawrence were just a few), suggest that he admired their willingness to live outside of established social boundaries.
The 16 new vice presidents, representing 11 of Bain's worldwide offices, include Sarabjit Singh Baveja (San Francisco), Nicolas Bloch (Paris), Paul Calthrop (Sydney), Richard Carr (London), Julie Wilgoren Coffman (Chicago), Michael Collins (Chicago), Julian Critchlow (London), Piero Galli (Milan), Mike Garstka (Singapore), Mark Howorth (Los Angeles), Brian King (Atlanta), Gregor Matthies (Munich), Paul Sheng (San Francisco), Shoji Shiraishi (Tokyo), Roth-Magnus Weddigen (Munich), and Cornel Wisskirchen (Munich).
Herman, along with his wife Gail Calthrop and some help from their four children, have built up a thriving business making fudge two years after the 53-year-old decided to leave the IT world and build on his childhood cooking experience.
Calthrop, 'Abbey of Sherborne', in William Page (ed), The Victoria History of the County of Dorset, 2 vols, The Victoria County History of the Counties of England [VCH] (London, 1908), 2.
Farmer Jon Calthrop, 51, said: "I put on the outside light and there was this little girl standing in her night clothes.
Jon Calthrop, 51, of Rudsey Farm House, said: "After we called police Fiona fell asleep on the sofa.