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an expression introduced into one language by translating it from another language

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In contrast, analyzing corpora of popular texts (e.g., dubbed texts, best sellers, and popular literature) reveals that "in a vast majority of cases translators chose an approach nearer to transcoding than to rewriting: the structure of texts, of periods and even of utterances is calqued on that of the source text" (my translation, Garzone, 112).
Another distinct possibility that has not yet been discussed nor explored in the literature is that stei is modeled on (calqued from) the Portuguese ficar, which may substitute for estar and whose core meaning may be translated as 'stay or remain.'
According to Matisoff, "An indication of the vitality of the evil eye concept in Jewish culture is the fact that on ayn-hore has been calqued back into modern Israeli Hebrew in the form bli ayin raa 'without an evil eye'" (note 35, p.
Pierpoint herself suggested this insight when I regretted the omission of the unsettling 'Desde' at the beginning of the poem and she replied that, calqued into English, 'the reader can't engage' with the line.
Numerous loanwords in terminology were taken, and some were calqued, from or via Latin, e.
In the language variety used by Scandinavian speakers with English speakers, including caregiver speech to young children, the syntax of English negative clauses is likely to have been calqued on that of Scandinavian, and featured a postverbal negator equivalent to ME not calqued on Scandinavian eigi (see e.g.
In conclusion, this derivation for flamenco may be summarized in the following formula: a Romani lexeme calqued into Andalusian, possibly with a degree of ingroup encryption, then appropriated by speakers of germania and Castilian, with a concurrent phonological reshaping and superficial semantic anchoring in a pre-existent term that already had an exotic coloring of its own.
(5) Supporting pairs like i, calqued on examples in Reeves, correspond to noncontrasts like ii:
in -i), Maltese has neither borrowed nor calqued the Romance reflexive pattern, providing another specific instance of diachronic stability.
In contemporary Czech terminology terms are calqued chiefly from the classical languages.
Examples of words and expressions modelled on a Spanish structure are scarce but worth noting; they include liberation theology and fifth column (the translation of teologia de la liberacion and quinta columna), which have also been calqued in other languages; God's eye, from MexSpan ojo de dios, a decorative small cross; dark night (of the soul), from the noche oscura of San Juan de la Cruz; the moment of truth, from el momento de la verdad, drawn from bullfight language and popularized by E.
This usage which was to be frequently recorded in the fifteenth century and later (unlike the sense 'dedicate' which is rarely so: see Appendix) is clearly calqued on earlier Anglo-Norman and Latin idiom.
adj., 6); though they are also found in prosaic and scientific contexts, their most frequent use is poetic, often to give a Greek flavouring as calqued on Greek compounds with [Greek Text Omitted]- (many, much).
3, on which see below) or use of ritual formulae, and no expressions calqued from Homer.(27) The penthemimeral caesura is regular, and is followed by a hephthemimeral caesura in five of the six lines.