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b) Part II - supply of coke fuel coarse grain size greater than 40 mm, the calorific value of 28 000 kJ / kg and ash content to 12% sulfur content to 0.
On net calorific value ( NCV) basis, the new gas price for October 1 to March 31, 2016, would be $ 4.
It concluded that 2,100 tonnes per day of recycled calorific waste could produce 73 million cubic metres of potable water per year, representing around 30% of the country's total installed desalination capacity.
Advantame blends well with sugar and other calorific sweeteners, providing food and beverage companies with an opportunity to both reduce calories and to manage sweetening costs.
It is available in a choice of system configurations, including: ERZ 2002-NG Density Volume Converter, ERZ 2004NG state volume converter, ERZ 2104-NG state calorific value volume converter, ERZ 2102-NG density calorific value volume converter and ERZ 2014/2114-NG effective pressure gas meter.
CHOCOLATE may be the food of the gods but it can certainly pack a calorific punch.
Addressing the India Energy Congress here, Jaiswal stated that the move of the government towards adopting Gross Calorific Value (GCV) based grading and pricing of thermal coals in place of the earlier Useful Heat Value (UHV) based system is a step forward towards this direction.
Calorific, but the virtue comes from the full 25p from each sale that goes to help homeless charities.
The calorific value of semicoke is given in Table 6.
PEAT, AMK, and SPA are exploration licenses located within the Pamaluan and Pulau Balang geological formation with bituminous coal at potentially high calorific values.
The aim of the work is to investigate how the calorific value of char resulting in wood of different species at different temperature changes and what effect conditions of gaseous environment have on peculiarities of wood combustion using the widespread method of a calorimetric bomb.
Sir, Regarding your Leader discussing the FSA's calorific labelling trial (31 July, P3), as part of our continued drive to help educate customers about the food choices they make, we are not withdrawing from the scheme and are continuing to display calorific labelling at the original restaurant trial sites.
Eating too many calorific treats such as Christmas cake, mince pies and mulled wine can leave us all struggling to buckle our belts in the New Year -as well as leading to complications caused by diabetes.
It may not sound much but that is the calorific equivalent of a full day's extra eating every 19 days - based on a 25g bag.
On Sundays, she allows herself some calorific treats.