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JORC compliant coal resources for UNWASHED RAW COAL on an "Air Dry" basis for the two areas have been reported as totaling 373.8 Mt, Relative Density 1.54-1.71 g/cc, Ash 22.97-38.69%, Calorific Value 4,128-5,083 Kcal/kg, Internal Moisture 2.21-2.9%, Volatile Matter 26.66-33.30%, Sulfur 0.89-3.12% (average an company
Cain said that the lower calorific value product from Ngaka would be supplied to the power station, blended with reject products, while the higher calorific value coal would be earmarked for the export market.
Per the certification, the GasPT is now approved for "use at all Directed measurement points where the gas composition is known to be within the approval range of the instrument." Approval and certification from this highly-respected, internationally-recognized regulatory agency comes after extensive testing, consultation, and review, and follows Ofgem's April 2017 decision to align the UK accuracy requirements for a Calorific Value Determining Device, or CVDD, used on the UK distribution network to those detailed within the International Organization of Legal Metrology standard.
The high ash seems to be due to presence of these coal near margin of swamps and probably the paralic nature of these swamps give rise to high sulphur, according to calorific value the rank of these coal ranges for subbituminous B to medium volatile bituminous, highest rank in Pakistan coals.
In the latest revision, the price has been cut to USD 3.06 per unit, effective April 1, from USD 3.82 per unit on gross calorific value (GCV) basis.
Natural gas prices were last cut on October 1 by a steep 18 percent to USD 3.82 per mmBtu on gross calorific value (GCV) basis for six months, from the USD 4.66 per mmBtu.
It has come to light that the mid- day meal offered to students at SDMC schools does not meet the minimum calorific requirement.
A moisture content of 25% can almost double the wood's calorific value and heat output.
They believe the calorific content of alcohol can often be overlooked but three pints of beer, for example, can be the equivalent of eating two burgers.
Representative samples of the MSW were collected from the open dumping sites of solid wastes and analyzed for calorific value by using a Bomb Calorimeter in the laboratory.
Without too many details all I can say is I think I had my weekly calorific intake in about an hour and a half and I haven't stopped smiling since.
A few sums using the data from your piece show that the efficiency of the conversion of electrical energy to hydrogen at 3.5bar is in the region of 60 to 70% (depending upon whether the higher or lower calorific value is used).
onuts NOT only are cronuts - the deliciously calorific croissantdonut crossbreed - taking New York by storm, they're causing all sorts of problems.
It then uses ISO6976 to calculate the gas quality characteristics of calorific value, Wobbe index, relative density and compression factor.